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The cards are fate. Battle opponents and collect cards in an attempt to win the ultimate Bayleaf tournament. Basics: Go around the bayleaf island competing in games for cash. Use cash to buy cards (or other shit that's just cool). In the end you may compete in the IBC for a trophy and riches. If your are uncomfortable with to much of a sexual theme when it asks about what gender catches your eye (should be page 3) just click neither. You can still add romance if you want it but it will be dialed down a bit.

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Duals on 4/23/2023 8:04:05 PM
After playing Penguin a little I began to see that he played Fire, Water, Bowl over and over. Now if I had 15 points and messed up against Penguin in the opening those 3 would have killed me. However with 18 points I would have survived long enough to see all 3 and learn what not to do. It doesn't guarantee anything but the more you play the same person (all at once) the better your choices are gonna be.

Duals on 4/23/2023 7:26:41 PM
So Avery_Moore said Step 1: Exploit the noobs!!! Here’s the most important part. You know how those poor, pathetic noobs only start out with a measly 15 points?… Take them all! [...] So, all you have to do is challenge members with less than 50 points to a duel of RPS, and use a hand that beats two of the original three. These are: Alien: Beats Rock and Scissors Bowl: Beats Rock and Scissors Devil: Beats Rock and Scissors Dragon: Beats Rock and Scissors Dynamite: Beats Rock and Scissors Gun: Beats Rock and Scissors Lightning: Beats Rock and Scissors Nuke: Beats Rock and Scissors Water: Beats Rock and Scissors Fire: Beats Paper and Scissors Sun: Beats Paper and Scissors (Unfortunately, there are no hands that beat both Rock and Paper) So for a Noob Paper is god. And while you start with 15 points creating a story game boosts you by 3 which allows you to see the entire arsenal of the opponent even if you lose all 3 of your first matches. Just don't pick Scissors.

Duals on 4/22/2023 3:37:15 PM
Thats cool. I just was thinking I should let someone else read it before publishing and you happened to put yourself in harms way so to speak.

Duals on 4/22/2023 3:30:07 PM
Thank you! Also I won more because you used Fire, Water, and Bowl but Paper beats 2 of those and Rock beats 2 of those so as long as I kept playing those I had a 2/3rds chance of winning.

Duals on 4/22/2023 3:23:45 PM
Oh well I guess I was lucky this time. Thanks for the (only somewhat late) advice.

Duals on 4/22/2023 3:20:56 PM
Yep. I'll see what they have to say.

Duals on 4/22/2023 3:16:44 PM
He left before I could so not yet. If he doesn't want to I'll pull him off.

Duals on 4/22/2023 3:12:17 PM
I did some on another site and short stories in a school mag. Nothing on CYS yet but I made Penguin my co-author for this one I'm writing right now.

Duals on 4/22/2023 3:08:50 PM
Yeah, so my grammar sucks but that's why I have someone else read my stories before I post them.

Duals on 4/22/2023 2:29:03 PM
So I had a ton of duals with perforated penguin (and won more than half) and I was wondering what all the different items were. Like I only have rock, paper, scissors; and I know that he played bowl, water, fire; but what else is available and how do they interact with the 3 I have access to? (P.S. I know that the formatting/punctuation is crap but I'm still curious)