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Death, and what lies beyond...

"My story is about Death, which is to say nothing more than it was written by a man...all stories are about death in the end." -JRR Tolkien

If you were faced with the imminent knowledge of death, what would you think about the most? This interactive story allows you to explore the idea of an afterlife, and at the end of the road, you must face the Reaper. There may be a way to avoid him, though you might lose more than you bargained for along the way...

There are four different "afterlives" in this story, and most of these afterlives have their own "sub endings" which are dependent on your choices. There is also a secret bonus ending, wholly distinct from any of the "afterlives", though you have to make very specific choices to obtain it, and it may not be the best ending, though that of course will be entirely dependent on the perspective of the reader.

This game is a little short if you only play through it once, so multiple attempts are encouraged, though this is of course completely optional.

LOTR:The Shire, an Exploration Game

This text adventure is different to many others in that the focus of the game is not story, but rather exploration. You begin the game as a traveler from outside the Shire, and you travel around the game world finding out fun and interesting things about Tolkien's Shire. Much of it will be based on the lore of Tolkien, though there will be some occasional deviations.


The game is set just after Frodo and Sam leave The Shire in order to take the One Ring to Rivendell.


Maturity level: This game should be suitable for all ages, though there is one scene which very young children might find scary

Middle Earth: Morgoth's Tyranny

This is a game set in Tolkien's "Middle Earth" universe. Thousands of years before the events of The Lord Of The Rings and the Hobbit, Beleriand existed in the Western Lands. This was a place ruled by the evil Lord Morgoth, and where men had almost no chance of long term survival. Will you be able to find your way through this land? Or will the long hand of Morgoth find its way to destroy you and everything you ever cared about?


This game includes

-Multiple unique endings, entirely dependent on the choices you make throughout the story. One of these endings is unambiguously a "bad ending"; the others have varying degrees of "good" and "bad" in them, and it is up to the player to decide which of these is the "best" ending.

-A 'deity' system; there are higher powers observing your decisions. Each time you make a significant choice, you will gain or lose favour with these higher powers. This will greatly impact your experience.

-An experience system: taking some options, usually sidequests, will grant you EXP. Certain actions in the game require a certain amount of EXP to perform. If you do not have the right amount of EXP, you can sometimes try the action anyway, but it's much less likely to work.

-A semi-open world, and a class system; it is advised you gain experience by exploring the wide lands of Beleriand, and that you make sure to pay attention to the class you chose at the start of the story.

-Leveled areas : Some parts of the map will be harder to survive on low levels. Pay attention to the lore, and to context clues, to decide whether you are ready to enter such areas.


This is a large-ish game and I have run through it multiple times to check for bugs. I believe I have ironed them out, though it's possible some have slipped through the cracks. Please report any bugs, such as any areas that don't let you proceed or end the game, in the comments. If I have made any truly serious mistakes with the game, I will make sure to update it ASAP.


Author's Note: This game does not require you to have read or be familiar with all of Tolkien's works, though I have tried to align it with the themes and ideas laid out in his books. However, please be aware there will be a few liberties taken with the source material, as I have my own spin on certain ideas of Middle Earth.


Optional Hints: In order to get a good ending, you do not have to do ALL the sidequests, but it is strongly advised you at least attempt one or two of them if you want to have any hope of getting a decent ending. You of course can attempt all the sidequests if you'd like to.

Star Wars:Secrets Of the Empire

This is a choose your own adventure game where you will be placed into the robes of a member of the Jedi Service Corps in the Outer Rim. It takes place during and after the end of Episode III:Revenge Of The Sith.

This game features

-A main quest-Find out the secrets of the newly risen darkness threatening to take over the galaxy, but make sure that you do not lose yourself along the way...

-Explore unique locations-visit different planets from Star Wars lore, and find unique lore in each

-Three unique endings-Light side, dark side and neither. Each is acquired via moral choices made by the player throughout the story. Your alignment with each side will be shown through the story (Lower than 5-Dark Side, higher than 5-Light side, 5 exactly-conflicted between the dark and the light). Choose to be a beacon of light, someone that values all life. Or listen to the temptation of the dark side, and use its destructive power for your own ends, or even find a third option somehow. And most of all, remember, it is never too late for anyone to change...

-Different characters-encounter many different characters, some old, some new


- A new, short optional side story on the planet Manaan; explore the planet, and find out who, or what, survived when it was abandoned, and decide their fate based on your alignment. Adds an extra paragraph to the epilogue, and completion allows for new interactions at a key part in the main story.

-Minor tweaks and improvements to the original story, such as a little more dialogue in the epilogue that reflects your characters' beliefs.

The Swan Lake

Inspired by the ballet; "Swan Lake".


A homeless man recovering from addiction meets a woman, Odette, in tears outside a brothel.
Together, they decide to find a treasure that could help them make a life for themselves. But they soon learn that there was a reason that the treasure had gone unclaimed for so long, and find that they may just lose themselves along the way...

Auhor's note:  This story has a narrative that is heavily dependent on the choices you make; there is a total of 7 endings that are decided by your final choice, and the set of final choices you have is in turn determined by the decisions you took early on in the story. This was inspired by the fact that the ballet has been performed with a vast number of alternate endings (the Wikipedia page lists around 12, though some of them heavily overlap with each other), a fact which seems to make this story fit the "interactive genere" well.


While this is primarily influenced by the story "Swan Lake", it also takes inspiration from these sources:



-A Canterlot Wedding


Maturity : While I have tried not to be overly graphic, this story does involve some dark topics, such as suicide. I would give it a 16+ year age rating, though viewer discretion regardless of age is advised.

The Unravelling of Order

Entry for the 2020/2021 "Dark Fantasy" Contest. 


The Old Unicorn Lands are in a fragile state of peace. Though the dark "Horned god" has been banished, the twisted monsters he has lost control over still roam the land, killing any who stray too far from the civilised realms. But worse even than the monsters are the some of the unicorns, twisted and embittered by their experiences in this unforgiving world...

A certain unicorn gains knowledge of an even greater threat than the Horned God on the horizon. Can they stop the end of time and space as we know if?

While you can, with a certain level of care, choose to whether the protagonist is an "anti-hero" or a more "straightforward hero", the vast majority of the other characters are varying degrees of flawed or cruel.


Features: This story has three different endings, depending on the choices you make.

There is also a bonus epilogue, which you can get if you choose specific dialogue options throughout the story.

Try to gather as much information as you can before deciding on anything, as clues will sometimes be made available so that the choices do not feel as if they're based on random chance.


Disclaimer:While this story takes influence from many other series, such as the universes of The Witcher,Enderal, Supernatural and the land of Equestria from My Little Pony, the events and characters in the story are not intended to take place within any of these lands, and as such the story is intended to be an original, stand-alone work.


Maturity:16+, though viewer discretion is advised for all ages. It includes


-Fantasy drug use

-Mentions of real torture devices, and some first-hand descriptions of fantastical torture

-Violence and mild gore

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I would like to enter the contest. 

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The story had entirely original characters anyway so I should still be able use the story by switching out all the overt references to the series. Though I'd definitely like to write a proper MLP fanfic on another occasion. 


EndMaster’s Edgelord Contest 2: Grimdark Boogaloo on 12/1/2020 4:52:16 PM

Funnily enough I did have a My Little Pony choose-your-own story planned out a few months ago that was definitely veering into that terroitory. I could quite easily take the plan for that and turn the "grim dark" dials up a bit.