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Lurking and not writing often enough. Noticed my profile isn't that long, so I'm adding a sentence every day until I build a wall of text so terrific it keeps out the undesirables. Some of my best friends are undesirables, and they say it'll be an outstanding wall to pay for. Amazingly not writing enough means that building walls is tricky, I'm beginning to think maybe I should outsource the work to a contracting firm. I called a guy, but I think he was lying about being a contractor and is now calling a contractor on my behalf but still taking a cut.



Things were never easy for Simea, not before the founding of the alliance, nor indeed now that 'civilization' has risen within the walls of Quistras. Life as a thief comes with its own complications, but she wouldn't give the freedom for a warm seat in the money lender's lap any day.

Before the Kimani and the great War named Storm, there were the beginnings of the great city Quistras. As Simea, you will see the world of Requiem through new eyes; not those of a Lord, but from those of a criminal tossed from society.


Story focused game set in the near future where you play a man hunting others. 

Features three unique endings. 

(Author's note: the choices are the way they are for a reason. You'll know what this means if you stick with it)  

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Dark, Disturbing, and Dirty Dreams? on 12/3/2017 3:48:57 PM

Extinguished the sun with a garbage truck while a Travelodge cleaner hammered furiously on the door even though I'd put the sign out.

TL;DR: Yes.

Net Neutrality on 12/2/2017 6:39:12 PM

We had a pop at it about a century ago. It was all going so well until OP player 'Gandhi' showed up.

#5 ~ Sci-Fi on Mars on 12/2/2017 7:17:52 AM

The first and marvelous update on a certain "Sci-Fi Story" in which absolutely nothing is wrong:

Research on Mars is over for the time being and I reckon I've settled on the sci-fi gimmick that'll cause absolutely no trouble for the protagonist as she lives out her perfect life as part of the Leicester-1 colony after the complete destruction of Earth some twenty years prior.

The 'true' path is currently under construction, and should hopefully be done (rough) by this time tomorrow next week. After that the aim will be to make some nice branches that should make for a nice shapely story tree. 

Overall, I'm happy with the honest, open and caring direction the tale is taking and only hope that it'll be half as pleasing on paper as it is in the mind.

December Contest on 12/1/2017 2:39:03 PM

Maybe a whore develops into a witch on some paths. but on others she doesn't.

Alternately, maybe being a witch just isn't paying like it used to.

#5 ~ Sci-Fi on Mars on 11/30/2017 1:50:31 PM

As it stands, I think I'm going for a good old utopian view of the future where absolutely nothing goes wrong. There is no threat, no motivation, and no villain. No nasty aliens- only nice ones that come in peace and then bugger off again. Everything just goes swimmingly for the player-character from first click to last comment.

Net Neutrality on 11/29/2017 7:16:19 PM

Pfffft, Brexit. We didn't need nice things anyway.

Net Neutrality on 11/29/2017 1:18:15 PM

The point still holds; no competition, no loss of money, no problem.

On that basis, why not block websites (or at least slow them to a standstill)? After all, not everyone is going to be savvy enough to unblock them. 

Even if you're still not convinced it's an issue, doesn't the principle bother you? Surely the fact that they're failing to erase neutrality doesn't mitigate the fact they tried in the first place?

Net Neutrality on 11/29/2017 1:00:39 PM

It was my understanding that the issue comes from some parts of America not having a very diverse market when it comes to providers, so no competition. The providers won't lose business because in some places there is simply no alternative.

December Contest on 11/28/2017 6:13:10 PM

Also didn't lock it, Just sayin'.

December Contest on 11/28/2017 6:11:36 PM

Depends how harsh they are. King Charles I didn't survive a single one.