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   ¡Hola gente! Soy Bolt78625. No sé lo que hizo clic en aquí para ver, así que sólo a despotricar sobre cosas. Piensan guerreros es adicto a causa de las malas fan-fictions, pero los libros son realmente buenos. Entonces, espera un segundo! ¿Por qué estoy escribiendo esto en Español? ¿Ypor qué estoy yo despotricando sobre guerreros? Ahora voy a cambiar esto a Inglés.

   Hello! I'm Bolt78625. You can find me on Warriors of SkyClan 7, Wolves of Fire 2 Gameplay, and Wolves Meet Warriors 2. Also some other forum games that I don't feel like listing.

   My current projects

   In My Cookie Apocalypse Series:

   The First Cookie

   In My Island Series


   In My Life as a Feral Cat Series

   Year One

   In My Minecraft Series

   The Survival Challenge

   In My Sky the WonderWolf Series

   Sky's Discoveries

   The Three Day Hunt

   In My Wolves of the Distant Blue Series

   Sea Wolf

   In My Day of the Dragon Series

   The Dragons' War

   My Stand Alone Books

   A Book of Questions


   The Only Mill

   Still Want Me to be More Like Him?

   Ten Things I Think I Know About You, Based On WarriorCatsRPStories And TacoT, Also Some Other People

   1. You have/had parents.

   2. You either have a computer, an IPad, an IPhone, or IPod.

   3. You are reading this sentence.

   4. You are not dead.

   6. You are not reading a book at this very second.

   7. You think 2+2=4 (but it's really fish!)

   8. You just laughed.

   9. If you didn't laugh, you held back a giggle.

   10. You still haven't noticed that I skipped 5. Haha!

   So, enough profile stuff! Read my stories when they come out, not this! Bye! Leave now. Go away. Do you think I do end credits? Go now. Goodbye. Do you think they're gone? I hope so. My cheeks hurt from smiling. Can I take a break? Ok. Thank you.

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First game you ever rated? on 8/11/2015 9:13:12 PM

Realistic Warrior Cats. 2/8.

Your First PM on 7/31/2015 9:01:57 AM

The first PM I sent was to WarriorCatsRPStories asking if I could use the 'Ten Things I think I know about you' on my profile. The first one I recieved was when Wolfmist sent me one telling me the first person to actually do that was TacoT.

What do you wish to be when you grow up? on 7/23/2015 9:08:29 AM


Help me write an amazing Warriors Cats story! on 6/29/2015 8:55:12 AM

I have characters that you can use. But please say that they are mine in the end.

In ThunderClan:


Swiftfoot is a black and white 42 moon old tom with green eyes. He is extremely intelligent and, once he gets an apprentice, has the qualities to become deputy someday.

In ShadowClan:


Smokewisp is a blackish gray 35 moon old tom with amber eyes. He is ShadowClan's current deputy and is extremely strong. He had an apprentice named Toadpaw, now Toadfoot.


Toadfoot is a dark brown 17 moon old tom with blue eyes. He does not stand out in any quality, and is considered just.

In WindClan:


Fallowfern is a golden 17 moon old tabby she-cat with yellow eyes. She is strong and smart.

In RiverClan:


Silverstorm is a light gray and white 18 moon old tabby she-cat with blue eyes. She is RiverClan's current medicine cat. She has an apprentice named Hollybark.


Hollybark is a black 14 moon old she-cat with green eyes. She is the current medicine cat apprentice of RiverClan and is very intellengent.

I apologize if deputy of ShadowClan or medicine cats of RiverClan have already been taken, and I also apologize if you are not using the normal clans.

Tower of Riddles on 5/5/2015 12:15:48 PM

My IPad can copy, but it can't highlight. I've played it before, and done it. Can someone please tell me the order? I can't remember.

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This one is funny and cute.

Cats and dogs with big cute eyes

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