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Novice writer.

This one had account around 2015. Did have one again, but name not like.

Hope to be active. Apologies

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Hallo, am new. on 7/27/2020 10:09:49 PM

Hail, peculiar skin-covered humanoid. I like (this) one's.. manner of speaking, it is nice to see.

Hallo, am new. on 7/27/2020 9:55:16 PM

I guess I'll take that as a compliment? Robots are fun. I hope my manner of speaking neglects to elicit annoyance or negative feelings. I suppose my usage of "one" could be considered odd (It's rather subconscious, I think, it's as natural as saying "you", I think at least).

Honestly I like all genres (Except for purely romance - when like there's nothing but it). 

I suppose Endmaster is a very ancient one. All of his (he's a guy right) stuff is quite nice.

Thank you for your recommendations. I'm sure they'll be fun to read (And long as well, at least some of them). I think it'll be nice inspiration, or I'll just fall into "I will never be this good, I am terrible so why bother", hopefully it's the former. Thanks again.


Yoink: Baiting and Hooking Thread 4 on 7/27/2020 9:36:01 PM

It's whatever you want (Could even be amp-it). Though I think Cam-pit sounds better. (What about you though, j-ster or js-ter?)

Hallo, am new. on 7/26/2020 6:46:28 AM


Hallo, am new. on 7/26/2020 6:45:46 AM

I see. I may have to sift through more things then. 

I think I do remember a lot of wolf life type games. I suppose there were a lot, and that was probably annoying for those who did not want to read them? Y'know I think the only reason I haven't forgotten this site is because of a specific wolf game. It's likely gone, but it still stalks me some.

It's splendid that the site still harbors great games throughout its time and whimsical ones still have inspiration to create more. And that people are still around, very good indeed. These eras and regime changes sound interesting. But I expect I probably have to sift through things? One guesses.

Danke. What's your top three stories? If one does not have one, then one may evade this one's question. I dunno, you seem like an ancient one, so one would think one would have something specific? If not, evade as much as one would like.

It's actually my first, but where I am, people's English is rather.. bad. See, being around with people who usually mess up present tense and verbs and whatever, kinda effects you - sometimes. I understand I probably gave off the impression that it was my second language, huh? Sorry about that, I tried to make it bare since I can get very verbose and very lengthy. I think sometimes going on a tangent - repeating things differently (Probably), I thought that if I kept it rather basic, it would be easier to digest.

Thanks for one's time.

Hallo, am new. on 7/25/2020 4:28:14 AM

Hallo, am Campit. The signs told me to introduce one. So here I am, introducing. Am old lurker with account long time ago (Complicated), when my reading comprehension was atrocious. I am not new to the website , but everything else - yes. I hope to have good time once again. Perhaps write and be more active than before. Though am not confident in writing abilities, one will attempt carelessness and write anyway. I really like this website though, the stories are honestly wondrous. Even ones that one might consider "Subpar", they all are an experience. (Except, of course when a story kills you when you try to choose the "Unpleasant route for lawful goodies", but there could be exceptions, perhaps one could write that decently. Perhaps.)

One does ask, how is the community around here? Apologies if not tasteful question. One did not care about community in simple times, so one has no idea now how it is (I think it could be unhinged, which makes sense I suppose). So how is it? Is it, reckless? Friendly? Mixed? Standoffish? Answer is appreciated, if one has the ability to answer.

One also does ask if there is anything interesting in this place's history. It is long, surely there must be something intriguing? Last question of mine: any general advice about things? Something one might not get right away or so? I may not be new, but I could be new, if you catch my drift.

Apologies if too many questions and if I somehow messed this up (I have a tendency to write paragraph after paragraph, which is not good for those with miniscule attention spans, poor fellows they are), like not putting this in the correct place or so.

Have a decent day and a better night!