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Both Catholic and a ninja in real life. I love the concept of this website. Working on a story right now as I enjoy plenty of others.


Survive The Dead (Zombie Survival)

This is my first story, please be nice.

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Storygame Maker Layout (Graphic Display) on 4/19/2019 1:05:49 AM

I do it on paper already, but it gets a bit tedious, and a little hard, because a lot of my pages have the same title unfortunately.

Leaving Comments on Mobile on 4/18/2019 2:59:50 PM

Yikes. For me, it's if it's too long, the button disappears, even with copy paste, and reloading the page.

Storygame Maker Layout (Graphic Display) on 4/18/2019 1:00:07 PM

So, one big delay in the making of my story, is trying to keep all the paths straight. If, instead of having a list of all the pages, as it is now, could you make a more complex, yet simplified display? My proposal is to make a bracket type graphic display, so every new page you make, it expands the bracket. This would allow you to view the path, and make it easier to see if there is an incomplete path, and also with continuity, as well as the obvious organization. You could keep the list, and have the bracket, and the user can choose to toggle between them, or have both co-exist, and at the bottom of the list, it shows the bracket image, and you can click on the bracket bubble, or find the page title in the list.

I just find it hard to keep all the pathing straight at times, and having this would make it a lot easier.

This would look more like an inverted bracket, or a family tree, adding new branches the more pages you make. I realize this would probably be a pain to program, especially since this image would be interactive, but would be greatly appreciated.



Leaving Comments on Mobile on 4/18/2019 12:48:34 PM

So, on mobile, even if you go to the desktop site, its is impossible (for me at least) to leave long comments. I don't know if there is a fix, but if possible, please fix. Thank you!

Any Tips for a Zombie Story? on 4/5/2019 11:51:47 AM

Thanks for the advice, I will keep it in mind as I write. The interest in beta, is that in this story, you can choose where you start the survival experience, and whether or not you want to be boy instead of a girl. So the interest is I will finish one/two locations, one gender path, or maybe both, and then publish it. It would be a stand-up story by itself, but would be lacking the other locations.

Any Tips for a Zombie Story? on 4/4/2019 10:21:19 PM

My mom is a grammar nazi, so yeah. Grammar kinda comes naturally. I did read a bunch of those articles though. It's probably right that if I do a beta, I won't finish.

Any Tips for a Zombie Story? on 4/4/2019 8:58:07 PM

Thank you for the tips, I will keep them in mind. What do you think about releasing a beta vs. finished edition?


P.S. Your*? That "defending you're part of the apocalypse" doesn't really make much sense

Any Tips for a Zombie Story? on 4/4/2019 6:24:10 PM

Hi, so I took a break from this for almost a year, but something brought me back. I started this story a while back, and coming back,  I have decided to try and get it finished (which means like 99% more of the story, since I only did the first like, 8 pages). But I read more stories, reread some (not disappointed with either), and came to the conclusion I should DEFINITELY ask for tips if I want to make this an actually good story (I'm a perfectionist, so I like to get things right the first time around), and I hate poorly written ones. So I wanted to ask what some good things to keep in mind, add, avoid, or do, etc. in my story? Also, would you rather I finish up one storyline and publish it as a beta, then finish the rest if you like my style? Or finish it all and publish it? This was mainly inspired by dead man walking, so some advice from the maker of that would definitely be the most appreciated probably. Thanks!