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Hello everyone! This is Crimspider, storymaker extraordinaire! I am currently making 3 storygames about all sorts of stuff! I know I made a bad storygame before called 'Funny Random Awesomeness', sorry for that, I was just bored. I am making serious stories right now, mkay? Don't worry I won't have them be like Funny Random Awesomeness. I will update you on the progress.

>--UPDATE--<                                                                                                                                        2-27-18

I am working on a story called 'UNDERTALE:What it would be like to be Chara', and I'm almost done with it! I just need to add a few more endings and I'm pretty much done! I know what you're thinking. "Duuuuuh, but Undertale died a year ago"

First of all, I started this story 3 months after the game came out.                                                  Second of all, no one cares. So get over it. You don't like Undertale? Don't play my storygame then. 

Alright, well that's all for now! I am working on 2 other storygames, but I am currently maintaining my focus on my Undertale one right now. I will eventually finish the others, but I am almost done with the current one I'm working on.

>--UPDATE--<                                                                                                                                        3-4-18

Change of plans. I am going to make more than 8 endings for 'UNDERTALE:What it would be like to be Chara'. Originally, it was going to have 8 endings. Now, I'm not sure. It might just have 10 endings! There are so many gaps in the story that I may just have to make a lot of endings. That would mean a lot more length to the story.

Anyway, just got done the 7th and 8th endings, and there are still many gaps. That's all I wanted to update on.

>--UPDATE--<                                                                                                                                        3-4-18                                                                                                                                        (3 hours later)

'UNDERTALE:What it would be like to be CharaHAS BEEN PUBLISHED!


There's 11 endings for this storygame! If you're a completionist, then try to get all of them! Have fun on it because I worked hard to make it!

Seeya later! I'll update you on the progress of the other storygames!

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