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Hi, I am kinda new, but I am planning on starting a story soon. If you have I story you would like me to read, please tell me about it! I am sure I would love to read it!

I am a nerdy geek who loves books, video games, and a lot of adventures(as well as just sitting on the couch and chilling to musicals).


No Third Chance

You play as 20 year-old Taylor whose life spiraled out of control after a truth or dare game. The next morning you wake up with a note by you. Apparently, you were killed and now have to figure out which out of the other nine people here killed you and the other nine contestants. With household games, cool paranormal activity, strange events, and an amazing host, what could possibly go wrong? Just remember, you have been given a second try. If you mess up, there is no third chance.

This story with be funny, but have serious moments and it will contain things that aren't exactly meant for people who dislike violence and certain forms of humor. Keep in mind, the posts will be short at first, but later on, they will be pretty big.

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butthurt furry derail on 8/4/2019 11:54:52 AM

Thank you for saying I am aloud to live. I would rather not die today or before I finish my first actual story!

butthurt furry derail on 8/4/2019 11:52:15 AM

I just started reading Paradise Violated and it is so good! Thanks for the recommendation!

butthurt furry derail on 8/3/2019 9:39:52 PM

XD My bet is that I will only last a week.

butthurt furry derail on 8/3/2019 9:38:39 PM

Hit me with whatever you got! I love a lot of genres, but if you have any mystery stories, I would absolutely love that.

butthurt furry derail on 8/3/2019 8:47:07 PM

Sure! That would be awesome! Thanks for tell me!