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Soul EaterOk, it's nice to meet you! I'm Haruka, most people call me Haru. Or....Haru-chan...... *growls to herself* Those idiots..... Well, ANYWAYS, I'll tell you what types of stories ill post, I post wolf stories, anime stories, dragons stories, etc. Send me a request if you want a story!

Ok, I got a Deviantart account! It's kinda empty right now, just go to [email protected]


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InSaNiTy 2: A Slenderman Story

Haha! Story two! Yes, you are the same character, poor Leon, btw, it's been four years after that whole Jeff/Jane thing. You're an adult now idiots!

InSaNiTy: A Jeff/Jane The Killer Story

I just wanted to make a Creepypasta Jeff The Killer game, I was bored. But, youre a normal teenage boy, that loves the woods, youll figure out more when you start the story. But, this is a VERY short story, I plan on making more then one of these so it'll be longer. Plus, there is actually three ways you dont die...the rest....you die.

Wolf's Story

Umm....first game... Ok, lets get started! You are starting off as a newborn wolf pup. You will either become a strong pack leader, or an adventurous loner. Good luck and the are three different endings! But, like, fifteen different ways to end it.