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I work on games I guess, but I don't usually finish them. I like writing, and while computers are my favorite tool for speed, reduced hand cramps and spellcheck, but there's a lot of distractions. I like medieval games, and games that are more game than story. I also like playing a writing zombie games, and my current only published game is a kind of bad zombie game.

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Be a god

Here you play god, but with many other gods. You must choose your morals, not upset other gods and help or destroy the world.

Be a supervillian

You can be a super villain in a city, and try to make money illegally

Beat bad guys.

You are a super hero. This game is not serious so don't rate it badly

Crime Blast (Rename it later)

A game about life, crimes and other stuff.

Inspired by "Mommy, can I go out and kill tonight?" By madglee

Deadly School Survival

Try to survive in a deadly school

Death Strike

A game semi based on a half life level idea thing I played on gmod. Enjoy!

Fallout Fanfic

In this game, you are a person in the world of fallout, and you must survive rival survivors, insane people, and mutants. you can also join a group or create your own, inviting people that you meet. You must also avoid dying of radiation. There may be updates in the future.

Fallout: War for the City

The major factions of fallout fight over Chicago

-Khans, Gunners and Powder Gangers
-Minutemen + Railroad
-Children of Atom

Glass Eater

A horror/action game about an insane man who goes to kill people, and with each kill loses more sanity and humanity, losing his speech and ability to use tools and becoming more vicious and insane.

Griffin City

You are a normal guy in a big city, living out your life, trying to succeed.

High school life.

Play as a kid in high school and choose your options, make friends, get a job, attend parties and try to survive!

Minecraft Survive the time

A game based off minecraft where you are steve or alex. If this game gets plays I will make a dlc

Mortal Kombat!!! Part 1

A game where you play in my own MK storyline with events from the games. (You can play as a lot of different characters!!!) BTW I know some of the events and orgins are different than in the game but I made some stuff up for fun.

This is the first part in a 3 part (or more if new games come out or something) series, but you don't have to play them in order. For reference, this is how it will go;

Part 1: Mk 1 and 2 characters from before MK 1 to Mk Armaggedon

Part 2: All characters in Mk9 in time of mk9

Part 3: All characters in MKX in the time of MKX

MTG Fanmade Character Stories

These are the Stories of My MTG cardsmith cards.

My MTG Cardsmith Account:

MTG Planeswalker fanfic

Gideon, Liliana, Chandra, Jace, Nissa

Ajani, Garruk, Sarkhan, Nicol Bolas, Karn, Elspeth Triel, Koth of the hammer

My fan-made backstories and battles of them, as well as facing a new threat...

New Pokemon Plotline

In this you play as a pokemon trainer in a new region. This is a multiple part series but that doesnt mean each game will be super short.

Prison Life

Inspired by the escapists.

The dead rise

You are in your house and you hear of zombies. You must go out and survive the apocalypse.

The Drop of Eterneties

Survive the aftermath of a nuke by fleeing into space

The Great Pokemon War

This game is based on the fan theory of the pokémon war.You play as a soilder in it and must assemble a team to help you fight.

The story of Tarnafock

A fantasy story where you can play as different classes, and includes many mythical creatures. Partially based off MTG, and I will probably make some mtg cardsmith cards from it.

Villains Game

Be a super villain using a variety of tactics to escape police an commit crimes.

Welcome to Pandora, Kiddos

A Borderlands fanfic.

You V.S Zombies

You are a survivor in the zombie apocalypse and you try to survive!

Republished because it was off for some reason.


Fight Zombies, Kill Zombies, and try to get to Pilotino Bridge.