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I'm here to write. And read. Because I'm a Genius. (Totally not retarded)

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Revenge on the River Lord

Ever since a big flood dealt great damage to your town, the chief woman has made up her mind that the legendary River Lord is real, and believes firmly the River Lord needs a new wife every year.

Born in an ancient Chinese village, you, unmarried and pretty, was perfect to become the River Lord's new wife. You had to make a decision, and fast, before you became one of the many young women lying below the riverbed... 

There are some 'good' endings, but no perfect/true ending. The difficulty is how hard it is to get a 'good' ending.
This is my first story and my first contest entry not counting that piece of crap I never finished when I was 10.
Entry to EndMaster's Prompt Contest 3. A story set in a town getting ready to make its yearly sacrifice. (Prompt #44)

Vi and Mel’s birthday

This is my first game. It is about Vi and Mel’s birthday, the party, and the problems. So what you waiting for? Go into this party and start solving the problems!

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How to get the true ending in Warden? on 5/20/2024 10:17:45 PM

Thank you!

How to get the true ending in Warden? on 5/20/2024 9:13:43 PM

I went to read one of Sherbet's earlier works, considering it was lacking in ratings. I tried searching the comments but of course none of them would spoil the story. It would be great if someone could just tell me what to pick since I really want to complete the story and see the full picture. (Yes I'm retarded again)

Free Reviews Here! on 4/14/2024 2:12:01 AM

Thank you so much for this! I couldn't ask for more. 

Free Reviews Here! on 4/10/2024 11:38:43 PM

Revenge on the River Lord

Y'all can do better than 10 ratings, I want more constructive feedback, thank you in advance!

Criticism needed on 4/3/2024 9:00:15 PM

Don't worry too much about it, End wouldn't have rated it a 7 if it was really just worth a 4. Sometimes members with a lot of EXP points like to give stories a 1 just for the memes. Regular ratings would flow in soon enough as more people read your story, along with constructive feedback. 

Greetings, All on 4/3/2024 12:28:50 AM

Welcome! There are plenty of great stories around here, and anything rated above 5.5 is generally worth a read. You can check out the featured stories in certain genres if you would like to see the best ones, but even those that go unnoticed could be surprisingly good.

Prompt Contest 3 Results on 4/2/2024 10:35:07 PM

Wow! I totally wasn't expecting this. I thought it would be a 6 at most. Guess I'm officially worth the title of GeniusPancake now instead of RetardedPancake. I will try to read the other stories now that the contest is over. Thank you so much End and congratulations to everyone else who submitted a story and wasn't disqualified! Y'all are already better than at least 34 people.

End Master’s Prompt Contest 3 on 3/27/2024 4:32:08 AM

Revenge on the River Lord 

I actually finished this by the end of the first month and finished proofreading quite some time ago as well, but I guess I wanted to see if I would work on it more before submitting. Looks like I'm not going to, so here it is.


Endmaster's prompt contest writing thread. on 3/18/2024 10:51:26 PM

I'm finally done with proofreading, and my story is now complete. Time to let it sit there until the deadline