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Murder at the Plaza Hotel
A murder has been committed and you, detective Don Burnham, are the one to solve this mystery. Interrogate suspects, find clues and use your wits to find the culprit in this whodunnit.

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Hi, I'm new here on 5/2/2021 11:04:04 AM
Hello there! I just signed up for this website because I feel like interactive stories are something I would be interested in. I've read one interactive novel in my life (Choice of Robots if anyone is interested) and I really enjoyed it, and after looking for more free interactive stories I stumbled across this website. I'm wondering what story would be good to start with for someone like me who is completely inexperienced when it comes to interactive stories. I was thinking of just choosing Dead Man Walking, since It is apparently the nr 2 storygame by rating according to a list I saw at the front page and I like the zombie genre. Is this a good idea and does anyone have any other tips?