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HELLOOOOO!!! I am the King of Raptors. (Yes, I am) Stuff about me: Dino expert (maybe), slytherin, phsycopath, raptor king, hate math, male (NEVER ASSUME MY GENDER), roleplayer, awkward. I make random alliterations, sorry salads have some secret sauce. I make art.


Mesozoic Survival

This is a game of risk and survival. You can play as a Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, or Apatosaurus. You will be given choices of what to do,but choose wisely. One wrong move could end you.

The Last Demonfury

This is a mix of two games I played on here and a roleplay thing I did on Roblox.

You're a species of dragon called a demonfury, the humans have brought destruction upon the dragons. Now every dragon lives in constant fear of whether or not they'll live to see another day.

You are born and live for 3 months under the protection of your father. But then the humans find you and kill your father.

You are then sold to a human that owns you. If you decide to escape, you meet a western dragon named Flamespark. He takes you to the world of dragons. You see that the world of dragons that was once a world of peace where dragons lived, has become a wasteland.

You rescue an amphiptere named Flur, and she leads you to the cave of and old dragon who tells you to read markings on the wall. If you do what he says, you find out that you are the dragon of prophecy.

Now that you know what to do, you must force the humans back to their world.

I'm sorry if you don't want the main character (you) to be male, I'm just basing this off a roleplay I did one time...