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Italian, web designer living in Spain. I stream on and I am an avid book reader and gamer.

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New Game coming out next week on 6/11/2022 3:00:34 AM
Yeah I have played Man of Medan... pretty short. I watched all Until Dawn on twitch, and yeah it just come out, but it is a bit expensive, so I am probably gonna wait until discount are in place. Ted Raimi is in it! Cannot wait to get my hand on the game :D (there is a big GB demo that is short, but it can give you the vibe of the game by playing the prologue)

I just discovered this super nice place! on 6/11/2022 2:49:14 AM
Hi everyone, here an old and avid reader of Cyoa. I am italian so I apologise for my not super perfect english. I just want to say that I am gonna "devour" this website, but apart from this, I wanted to let you know that I wanted to create a story as well. I saw that you have a great amount of resource and many of you are very helpful. Guys, this place is a gold trove! Apart from this, I wanted to ask a couple of question before actually creating a story. I am a web designer, and I wanted to create the story in a web format, like using programming tools like React, and add visuals and graphics and many other interactive aspects to make the story more interesting because we are using the digital media and not just paper, but I saw that this website use a particular language of programming, so I am wondering... is there a way to publish even here something as a pure HTML page with some JS, or it is not allowed because of website restriction? I understand that it is better to test it out writing some demo story, but before enter the rabbit hole, I wanted to ask you, if there is any reason for why the limitation to the pseudo programming used in here, instead of using basic HTML & JS knowledge. Regardless, I hope to slowly be part to this community and be absolutely addicted to writing story.