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Tale of an Assassin: The Hunt Begins

You know the oldest job known to man? Well, this story is about the second oldest job known to man, Assassins.....

This game is a slightly more game, than story. It is fairly hard with winning. But it is able to won. I could not put in a combat system so I made choices for combat instead. Also there are Dota 2 hero cameos in the story, spot them all :P


rsz_dnd_poster.jpgExplore the world of the dragons, by living through the eyes of one.  Work In progress

Has references to Eternal and Necromancy because my world is similar to their's and they are awesome stories

COMPLETE. Story is finished, Will add more paths based on responeses

2 Endings and 1 Minor Ending


You were going to the successor to the kingdom of Verence,the most powerful kingdom in the world of Titania. But everything was stolen from you that night. Your future, your dreams, and your parents.


This story is about moral decisions, short

3 endings, 2 ordinary, 1 secret.


Traveler 42

Traveler 42, you may now proceed in HARKEN, Begin experiment 223.  

Steins;Gate was a nice inspiration. I AM MAD SCIENTIST, SONVABITCH.

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While Loops on 6/20/2015 1:44:31 PM

I suppose that works, I'm trying to use the fighting fantasy model of combat, if you ever played their games. I think your idea works, thanks 

While Loops on 6/18/2015 10:53:41 PM

Wait you can use JavaScript here? Im confused.

While Loops on 6/18/2015 10:52:01 PM

Is there anyway to make a pseudo while loop with proper scripting? Can't think of any

While Loops on 6/18/2015 10:31:41 PM

Is there a list of the syntax of this scripting language? I'm trying to create a fighting system and I need the syntax for a while loop

Suzy's Strange Saga on 11/13/2014 7:50:55 PM

10 fooking epilogs, i'll come back in a month or two to read it

Beest Storygaem on 9/22/2014 8:18:09 PM

Reminds me of Arrow dude who wrote legends and classics rivaling End Master's works

Traveler 42; Some Time Travel Story on 9/14/2014 12:57:15 AM

God I am tempted to turn this into a rape murder story, but ill try and keep my primal instincts and write bout dat time travel stuff.

Traveler 42; Some Time Travel Story on 9/13/2014 10:15:24 PM

Well currently, it sounds like a porno, but I'm pretty sure my writing got better than FireBorn at least, 

You grab your phone and put your keys in your lab coat and walk down stairs from your apartment. You live in a typical apartment in the middle of an average city, with the average amount of rapes and murders. You leave your apartment and walk down the street to the high school that the lecture is being held in. The high school is fairly close but due to too many nights experimenting on shit, you aren't in the best physical shape by the time you reach the high school. I mean you aren't fat, but you're skinny as a stick. So by the time you reach the entrance, you sit down panting from exhaustion. There are many other people in lab coats similar to yours that walk by into the high school. A female catches your eye as she walks by. She has long flowing black hair all the way to her shoulders and looks down, while carrying a book. Your eyes make contact and she quickly breaks her sight and walks even faster. Man you sure seem creepy. It could be just plain sexual attraction or something else? You ignore the thought and get up and walk into the high school as well. Most of the people are heading towards a room, which you assume is the lecture. It says, "Disproving the Multiple Worlds Theory and Other Time Travel 'Theories'". Time travel is what made you quit high school to develop your own time machine, or was a it black hole generator? Hell it's been a long time. You walk into classroom and there are many other scientists seated, many much older than you. You see the girl you saw before sitting alone in the corner. There's only one available seat left, and guess what, it's right next to her. You walk up and take a seat right next to her. When you do, she inches away from you, and grips the book she was holding before, tighter than ever. Then a man walks up to the front of the classroom and starts talking

"Hello gentlemen, I am Dr. Polesiki, and I am here to discuss the topic of time travel." He says. "Although the majority of the sane ones believes the idea of time travel is a impossible, there are some of us out there that disagree and I am here to lessen that number." "If any of you out there can debate this idea, come forth now, as I always start my lectures on a debate." He challenges. 

You are about to stand up, but instead, the girl next to you stands up and says in a quiet yet audible voice

"Sir, I disagree with that statement, and I would like to state my theory." She says with her head handing low. 

"Go ahead miss, may I have a name of my opponent in this debate?" Dr. Polesiki asks. 

"I-I am Kallen Sirius, Doctor." She says.

"Ms. Sirius, I would like to start off this by asking you to use any popular time travel theory and defend it." He says with a smile.

"The multiple worlds theory is the one I would like to defend." She sa

"That one? It's absolutely ridiculous........."

He goes on a huge lecture about why it's invalid but Kallen seems to beat him in every single one of his arguments. Eventually the professor seems to give up and his face is blood red from the rage.

"Bah, fuck you, you're an imbecile." He says and marches out of the room. 

Kallen satisfied and walks out of the room as well. The other people in here start muttering to each other and many start leaving as well. You don't know what to say. Her theories and arguments were solid. You have to find out more about this girl. You walk out of the room and see her leaving. You follow her out of the school, keeping out of her sight.


Traveler 42; Some Time Travel Story on 9/13/2014 10:06:10 PM

I seen enough porn to.....

Traveler 42; Some Time Travel Story on 9/13/2014 9:58:04 PM

It involves a high school dropout seeing this lecture on disproving time travel, (<3 Steins Gate). Someone in the audience debates the guy giving the lecture and wins. Main character follows said winner of debate and sees go inside her house. He sees some lights and goes to investigate. There's no one inside when he opens the door and there's this machine inside. Shit gets crazy from there.