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And hello to all of you too! on 4/19/2020 12:38:37 PM

Thank you! I already know I'll give 'Book of  Vanishing Tales' a try. Were I to find this in a second hand book shop, I'd pick it up without looking further than the title.

I hope your Jam is going well. I'll check that other forum.


And hello to all of you too! on 4/19/2020 12:11:33 PM


Name's Rovarsson. I registered here about a year ago, but never bothered to post anything on this forum.

Now I must, Apparently life has been preordained such that I must follow a certain someone from forum to forum. (Hi there...)

Well, that and since I'm still very new at CYOAs and very interested in the medium, I thought some of the more seasoned readers here might point me in the right direction if needed. (SciFi and oldschool Fantasy are my Jam, but since I enjoyed Price of Freedom so much, I'd really welcome good historical stories.)

Greets, Rovarsson