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I was told I should introduce myself on 1/10/2019 9:00:05 PM

Thank you so much! I will be sure to... be prepared. smiley

I was told I should introduce myself on 1/6/2019 1:19:31 AM

Better than Twilight!? What!? Greater than Twilight and Fifty shades? I mean, were else can you see two men staring at girls, one looking like he's about to eat her and the other looking like he is trying to figure out why is eye lasers aren't working. 

I was told I should introduce myself on 1/6/2019 1:01:34 AM

I have spent the last few minutes trying to figure out what to say here, but I'm just going to write anything and hope for the best. 

Hello! I'm Scarlet, aka Scar from the Lion King. I was brought here by the beautiful and gracious Mistress Cricket to share my writing and read amazing story games. So far I have been on for a few days and have read a few story games and given some advice in the comments to those that I have found through the random button. Also, I have started reading both The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost by Briar_Rose and Eternal by EndMaster. I have liked them both so far, but I sadly have not finished them since I'm a pretty slow reader. I will say, however, both of these story games are the reason that I decided to join the website and community. 

Some information about me outside of the forums would be, I am a bit of an edge lord according to some people, my favourite genre here would be fantasy and love & dating would come in second maybe have sci-fi in third, I do not hunt swans for a living even though that would be pretty awesome. I am a pretty slow reader, so I like to review mostly shorter story games. I have beta read in the past. I am a science nerd, I deserved to be king, not Simba, and finally I am really craving a creme brulee right now. 

I am excited to meet some new people, write some stories, and most importantly read some more amazing story games and review them. If anyone has any suggestion, I will literally read anything that has a good story and characters. Okay, except maybe fanfiction but that's just because I'm not in most of the fandoms in here. 


~ Cheers!