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If you can read this then you are gay.


wake me up

(wake me up inside)

cant wake up

(wake me up inside)

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test game, you can pick yes or no. but what will take you to the true ending?

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Opinions on Trump. on 7/24/2016 7:27:41 PM

Anything but Killary, so Imma vote for him or Johnson

lol wow on 7/15/2016 2:14:12 PM

I'd love to, but I have almost 50 people who traffic through my page on Mondays for book updates from facebook and tumblr.

Until I finish my novel, I can't.



lol wow on 7/15/2016 2:12:42 PM

I'm honestly glad lol

lol wow on 7/15/2016 1:54:45 PM

I did responed, but figgy mod deleted it. Of course.

lol wow on 7/15/2016 3:41:46 AM

oh, no man. the mods kept deleting my sht. ur good lol

lol wow on 7/15/2016 2:56:07 AM

Humor me, mods. For a minute

But someone quoted the giant rant at cancer-ment from the first thread that we all know and love lol, like scroll down you'll see it

idek what is going on with this 30 yodude but i think his wife took his dck when they got married


Unpopular Opinion (Dallas, BLM, Police Brutality) on 7/8/2016 10:53:43 PM

I tweeted this on my twitter too. It's so fuckin scary

Unpopular Opinion (Dallas, BLM, Police Brutality) on 7/8/2016 10:28:42 PM

Yeah, I live a few hours away from Dallas. My friends were on lockdown, it was scary.


Unpopular Opinion (Dallas, BLM, Police Brutality) on 7/8/2016 10:26:40 PM

Holy shit, best 30 minute read ever. You literally summed up and pointing out things I never thought of.

Kudos to you, good sir.

Unpopular Opinion (Dallas, BLM, Police Brutality) on 7/8/2016 10:24:24 PM

Good point. I can never find information about Gandhi sao I'll go with MLK on this one