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Awesomeland - The Adventure Begins

Awesomeland is a funny serious adventure. That is to say, it is about a ridiculous world where ridiculous things are about as common as your average house fly.

It is a true statement when in Awesomeland to say “High fives can save the world”, or “Angry kittens are no match for laser beams. Awesomeland is not a place for kid gloves. At the gates to Awesomeland if you are found wearing any type of protective gear such as a helmet or a padded vest you will be promptly beaten and disposed of.

Now it is nearly time to begin this adventure so prepare to embody a man named "Face Champion", the strongest and most clever man alive. Only one man in this entire awesome world has ever rivaled his amazingness. Only one man has ever come close to beating his record at space invaders. In truth, there is only one man who can defeat Face Champion, and that man is... LAVABEARD!

As you begin Chapter One of Awesomeland – The Adventure Begins, remember, only a true hero will find their way through to the end of this awesome tale. Are you a true hero, or shall you turn around and head for Lamesauceland right now?

Awesomeland - The Adventure Begins - Chapter 2

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Sweet, thanks!

Un-Publishing on 10/17/2010 12:03:35 PM

So I've published a story but I've found a few errors in it that I hadn't noticed until now.  If I pull the story down with "unpublish" will I lose all the comments that have been posted on the story to date?