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A Day With The Dog

Your favourite pet dog, brownie decided to take the most intersesting walk as a reward for not peeing on the bed in the masterbedroom. Your job is to entertain him as you walk down the roads of your city

Will you be able to do it? Or will your dog give up his walk and stay with strays? Each decision should be taken with intelligence for Brownie is naughty and foody dog!

Click on the play button and go on the most funny, serious, tasty adventure. 

Good luck with your dog! :)

L-O-S-T: The Mansion
What would you do when you're lost! Choose left, right, backward, or forward! Uhmmm, left! --- No there is a pack of wolves! I'm not going there! Then maybe right--- There is an abandoned cabin known to be full of bears. Forward ---- The way is blocked! Backward ---- Dead End! Well! I meant that every way has it own danger or obstacle. Similarly, this is also a type of game which has different ways but full of hurdles. But, I have just twisted this story to make it scary :). I might have one type of idea but just by twisting it, it turns into something else. Well, in this game, you have to get over obstacles to win different types of endings. There are 12 endings, goodluck!