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Stay Alight

A story about those that live in a world plunged into darkness. Monsters reign over it, and humanity hides the underground, from the face of the moon. Enoa, one of the many dwindling lonely bearers of Light, seeks to find a home of her own. This is not a story about how Light triumphs over Dark, rather it's a story about a struggling Light trying to survive in the harsh world it wishes to find a home in.

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Text alignment: Font on 8/3/2020 1:40:25 PM

Whelp, I didn’t notice the font is like that on mobile, I was using the computer and it looked good. Now it’s not not not not not okay.

Text alignment on 8/3/2020 8:55:22 AM

How do you make text snap to the centre or the right side? Or is there no function for that and you need to do some scripting, because I am trying to make a title page and want to snap the TITLE to the centre.