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Hey I’m Taycool and I’m here to say

I’ll be online about once a day


Mo Bamba or Sicko Mode?

Today you get to decide the ultimate question: Mo Bamba or Sicko Mode?

I literally made this in 20 minutes, so please don’t take this seriously or think I put any effort in it.

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The Day of Love....and Sometimes Condoms on 2/15/2019 3:04:56 PM

Now that is truly what valentine’s day is about.

The Day of Love....and Sometimes Condoms on 2/14/2019 10:47:46 PM

I got sick and started watching Ceeday videos cause I had nothing else to watch.

Valentine's Day on 2/14/2019 10:43:58 PM

We have traveled so far away from the original discussion

Valentine's Day on 2/14/2019 10:39:42 PM

It’s taken too long, I’ve decided to game end myself instead.

Valentine's Day on 2/14/2019 10:37:11 PM

What I’m saying is send help. Also here’s a free valentines card template, for anyone who still hasn’t given one who wants to for

some reason.

Valentine's Day on 2/14/2019 10:32:21 PM

That moment when a kid at your school wears a wolf tail and wolf ears everyday, and then sends you a valentine.

Valentine's Day on 2/14/2019 10:29:44 PM

At least I’m not a furry.

Valentine's Day on 2/14/2019 10:26:57 PM

What a great idea for me to say all of these things on my school ipad, see you guys in suspension!

Valentine's Day on 2/14/2019 10:22:29 PM

I don’t know who that is, and now I’m scared to search it up

Valentine's Day on 2/14/2019 10:19:48 PM

Forgot to mention, halfway through he started watching Roblox dating videos