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Hello, welcome to my profile. Call me Monty. Umm... come on in, I suppose. Make yourself comfy, kick off your shoes, sit back, enjoy some snacks, and I'll take your coat. You'll just have to imagine everything here: the magic table & minifridge that creates whatever foods you want, so long as you mentally request it; the tall bookshelf that you can somehow find your favorite books on, or at least some very intriguing titles you'll certainly like; the extensive entertainment setup with a computer and every major gaming console to date, with another magical bookshelf consisting of video games this time instead of books; a massive... pile of-- homework why did I imagine that? and, well, some insanely comfortable seating to top ot all off. Oh, hey, while you're here, would you like to check out a few of my storygames? Oh, wait, I don't even have any on preview yet, do I? It's only the ones my cousin coauthored me in. I'll, um... get to work on that. Just... make yourself comfortable while I write one up. WiFi password's on the fridge, use a new profile if you want to play any games, and consult the tech guide handbook I wrote if you have any questions. It's over on that stand. You can leave whenever you want, cause I might be awhile... a stinkin' long while.

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Don't forget what you have done.

A bunch of mistakes have been fixed and redone entirely. You're welcome.

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This is a VERY long story. VERY, VERY long. And there are barely any links, so be prepared for a ton of reading.

This is my story, and I would like some respect. I may over exaggerate, so don't judge. I just wanted to write something, and the only thing I could think of was to write my story. So, go on. Read it.

unpublished , coauthor

As aliens come from a world far out of reach of us, 12 men and women come to protect the Earth from the invaders. You may play as any of them, and the one you choose has their own unique choices and part of the story. You are welcome to come back and choose another one. Tell me your favorite when you are done.

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Inventory carry limit on 10/11/2015 11:33:42 AM

What if the player could only carry a specific amount of items? Even if his inventory were full of non-droppable items (so he couldn't lighten the load) what if there was an option where non-droppabe items didn't take up any inventory?