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"In a world rife with supernatural hierarchies you stand alone. An anomaly in a world of abominations. A horror too terrible to behold. You are an unholy thing. May God have mercy on us all."


Your family's claim to nobility goes as far back as the ancient Chieftans of old. Your kin have been rulers of the lands you tend, before even his most exalted walked the Earth. Purifying the sins of man with fire and blood.
A claim few could make and fewer still to be believed. Your birth right duty unending. Much will be expected of you. Your burdens shall be great and enduring. And should you prove worthy, your deeds will be glorious. Your legacy eternal.

Ninja Ninja

A fanfic set in the Naruto universe. With one small difference. You are a character in the same generation as our spiky headed hero.

The Hunter

Alestham, an ancient and proud kingdom long besieged by the supernatural. At last have discovered a way to free themselves from the spirits and beasts that would devour and rule them. The greatest sorcerers, scholars, and alchemist have engineered a way to permanently kill an immortal. For the first time in creation Daemons, Angels, and even Gods have reason to fear mortals. And you will be selected as a Hunter. A newly created elite martial class gifted with the weapons and armor to combat the foes that have long plagued humanity.

The Titan Project

Welcome to Jump, the greatest city in the world! Unfortunately though everyone wants a piece of its greatness from Villians, monsters, and giant robots a like. You are a individual of "unique" talents trying to make your way through the city. Will you be a champion of justice? A prodigy of wickedness? Or will you be neutral through all the chaos? The choice as always is yours, prepare to make your own path through Jump City. This is the TITAN PROJECT.


Note that this an AU fanfic with various characters and elements interchanged, excluded, and altered to suit this story.



We were Gods

Follow a group of wayward youths as they face the end of the world head on. Will you falter and crumble before these new horrors? Or will you stand unbowed and unbroken on the ashes of the old world?

Explicit language and content involved, fair warning.