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Pleasure Too Meet You All

..Huge D&D fan if my name didn't tell you that you need to face palm yourself

(Insert Face Palm Here)

..Ex-Russian soldier, currently work as a accountant going to school for PI license

....In my free time when I am bored I write music some friends call me The Soviet Mc

Not sure what to say got a question ask me.

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The Hands Of Fate

In A World Void Of Technology , A Time Long Before Mans First Flight. A Single Mans Weapon Could Decide The Fate Of A Entire Nation. Truth , Nobility , Justice Is This Your Path Will You Follow The Knights Code Or Write Your Own. Are You A Vile Monster With Only The Desire To Take It All For Your Own Riches, Land, Servants And Titles. Let Us Take A Step Back In The Folds Of Time To The 14th Century As We Shall Find Out What Kind Of Person You Really Are.....This Game Starts In Rome....I have tried to design this with a Logical based story line (((sort of basic  never bothered with coding I am old school fancy pictures or maps next project I might have a co-author help me with that stuff)))

The Russian Cartel

Ages Ago Behind The Iron Curtain A Few Men With Nothing Else To Hold Dear In There Hearts Other Than There Love For The Soviet Empire. These Men Returned From The Cold Of War , They Are All Ex-Members Of The Goverments Special Branches The KGB , RSP And The RSS. Russians Finest Soldiers And Agents Now Returned Home With No Work Cast Out By Mother Russia After The End Of The Cold War. The Things These Men Did Would Break Near Every Law Of War Crimes Each One A Proud Son Of The Soviet Nation Now Retired They Use Those Skills To Form """"THE IRON FIST"""" Better Know As The Russian Cartel.