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The Alien in My Brain
My name is Dawn, and I'm just a regular teenager. On weekends I work at Husky's Diner. I'm sure you know the one...there really is only one and there aren't even 2000 people in this town. But hear me out. I know this sounds crazy, but there's a tiny lizard alien that has crawled inside my skull and is sitting on my brain. It can speak to me telepathically. Wait where are you going, come back~

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(Rant) Parents are real assholes sometimes on 8/14/2021 1:37:32 PM
I wish I could've just gone to sleep and skipped from the end of the fifth grade until sophomore year to be honest.

(Rant) Parents are real assholes sometimes on 8/14/2021 1:33:23 PM
How many girls did you really intend to kiss in front of your mom?There are some things you really don't need to tell certain kinds of parents until after you move out, if even then. Sorry this was the way you had to find that out. Parents who deserve to have their kids be open with them are calm and reasonable even when they learn things they didn't want to hear.

genre question on 8/4/2021 9:18:05 PM
What is the name for the sci fi genre or trope for when modern day characters encounter science fiction elements? (such as meeting aliens) This is my favorite kind of sci fi story and I'd like to know what to call it when I'm looking for books. If anyone has suggestions for books like this too I'd want to read them.

Coding on 8/4/2021 9:10:45 PM
Go away, troll.

Making items on 8/1/2021 3:02:25 PM
It might be a mistake to try and make an RPG until you have a better idea of how the editor works, that's just my opinion. There's lots of regular storygames you can make without all that.

Project Red Storm: The Martian Genocide on 8/1/2021 1:42:49 PM
This sounds interesting, the title is eye catching. But if genocide is in the title, that makes it sound like it happens every time. Spoilers!

New Dream Journal on 7/25/2021 8:33:09 PM
And when you turned on the light, there was a lochaber fork lying there on the pillow beside you.

A Good Disney Reebot on 7/20/2021 3:45:43 PM
Look at her lying there all unconscious and fully clothed, what a slut, she was asking for it. (lets see if I did the image code right...)

A Good Disney Reebot on 7/20/2021 3:42:36 PM
omg I LOVE the classic Sleeping Beauty animation. The whole movie is just very pure. The Maleficient movies are like what you say that play does but a thousand times worse, they just completely invent their own story in a cynical way that twists the original.

Prompt: Write the Last Page of Sixteen Words on 7/5/2021 5:20:45 PM
Naskin. That revolting little toady of the Emperor. You wanted to turn him right around at the border, if not arrest him for his crimes and sentence him to hang. Fifteen years ago this man gave the orders that killed your family. But you always played by the rules. Fat lot of good that did, you now grimly reflect. But it was a tactic that got you where you were, the Chief Justice of all the only free republic left, known for your unbending dedication to the law. The others saw it as a chance for diplomacy, as if involving politicians would ever improve a situation. The truth is they were cowards who were eager to kneel to the Empire if it bought them a few petty favors. You told them last night, and now this morning? Sixteen guns seems like overkill, but they were still timid officials who would feel safer spreading the guilt around. And Naskin stands there smiling. Was this all his plan? "What did he promise you?" You sneer, before sixteen bullets riddle your body. You're dead before you hit the ground, and the republic falls with you.