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Some of you may remember me, as the uptight WC....let's just say I hope you don't.


I have improved mentally and in my writing. I have lost touch for Warriors and instead into midevil drama adventures (a tad specific) and have been working mainly on a beautiful site called WattPad many may recognize. As I head into a new chapter, I will edit this rough draft of my profile, as I adapt. I am friendly unless in heated debate as some may know, and I enjoy purely video games, art and of coarse mainly writing. 

I'm a rounded dork, nerd and tomboy, with a passionate writing side. I'm a very complicated person, and though irrelevant, may I add...bisexual. I love poetry and occasionally film, and I'm a bit of a fan of Five nights at Freddy's and horror, but a big Potterhead!

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-Reached 100 Experience points, can I getta woop woop

-Published one, only one storygame

-Been on for over a year

-Eaten a sandwich? IDK I am a sad user. 


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DerpBacon, the wolf lord

I kind of admire mizal, and Tim36D no lie

Ford, forever the teacup

At_Your_Throat, simply awesome for many reasons

Kiel_Farren, a good-humored guy who forced me out of my old childish ways

Ogre11, a talented writer

Briar_Rose, a deadly angel

And least but not least Will11, for many reasons

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What path will you take upon making your YouTube career successful? Will you end up living in your moms basement with 3 subscribers or cash, fame and and success?


It's been a year since the last player broke their way into the game and messed with the program...now don't tell me you plan to do the same! Don't you dare! This game is nothing more than a glitch!

(Welcome to the remake of my first shitty game, one that promises to be less stupid. The world of the broken story game is yet to be fixed, now won't you click play?)

Mall Mania!


Stanley Oddball Mall may just be the oddest place ever. It's hard to decide what's strangest about this place. Man, all I wanted was a few Christmas gifts for my family...

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Bully! on 8/21/2016 2:16:05 PM

Well I got in a fight with this kid once, and it became serious. They decided to grab some friends to try overpower me but in the end got all like, four or five of their friends to report me as a bully. Made up some nasty stories, never got my input, and I was called a bully for a year or more.

I fuckin hated that kid.

Bully! on 8/18/2016 8:11:55 PM

I have mixed opinions on this. I have been called mean things, not necessarily bullying, more like teasing. And after it occurring quite a few times I learned to brush it off. That did make me stronger.

But yes, bullying is a serious case that has caused teens and kids to end their lives, it's unacceptable.

Something besides writing? on 8/11/2016 10:20:26 PM

Usually artists have that difficulty. 

Something besides writing? on 8/11/2016 10:18:25 PM

I've always found the flute beautiful, and do you golf often?

Wait, really?

Something besides writing? on 8/11/2016 10:16:52 PM

Bravo! Yours is much longer and complicated than Ford's I see.

Something besides writing? on 8/11/2016 10:16:06 PM

Ah, theater. Have you ever been part of a production? And do you like writing your own raps or rapping someone else's words? And what game genres do you play more?  

Something besides writing? on 8/11/2016 10:10:49 PM


Something besides writing? on 8/11/2016 10:09:27 PM

Wow, I didn't know you had interests in so many things, that's really awesome. I kind of skimmed through that but it's nice to get to know you better.

Something besides writing? on 8/11/2016 10:05:20 PM

Oh cool, do you plan to go anywhere with coding or music?

Something besides writing? on 8/11/2016 4:17:47 PM

Good advice. I'll keep that in mind if I'm ever feeling over ambitious with pancakes.