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How Do You Make Friends? on 10/15/2020 12:07:37 PM

That's a great idea, End can be so supportive sometimes lol

How Do You Make Friends? on 10/15/2020 11:08:12 AM

That was actually pretty funny lol

How Do You Make Friends? on 10/15/2020 10:54:04 AM

Yikes, I just realized I wrote "lol" a lot in this post

How Do You Make Friends? on 10/15/2020 10:52:31 AM

I'm bored and am in a ranting mood so why not post here? How do you make friends? Genuinely, I have no idea! You don't just walk up to someone and go, "wanna be friends?" It's a slow process right? But how slow are we talking? Are we talking weeks, months, YEARS??


I don't know but this has always been a question of mine. Okay, maybe I shouldn't make it so obvious I don't have friends, but you get the point. I never really considered myself an introvert but honestly at this point I know I'm not exactly extroverted lol. I don't know, making connections with people was never my strong suit and it continues to not be. 


So how do you do it? I'm all out of ideas and I need help lol. Also, how does friendship come easy to some people? There's people out there that can meet a total stranger and within a month they're like family to each other. It's all frustrating and rather annoying to be this bad at forming connections lol.


Anyways, this was just a rant to get this off my chest lol

What Happened to Briar_Rose? on 10/14/2020 1:19:19 PM

This makes so much sense now! Okay well nevermind, now I know lol

What Happened to Briar_Rose? on 10/14/2020 1:15:21 PM

Briar_Rose was a veteran of the site and if I remember correctly made some good stories. But she hasn't been active here for some time so I was wondering what happened and if anyone knew? Did she get bored with the site? Did something dramatic happen? It just came to mind, and I was curious to know. If I don't get an answer it's whatever though, I suppose it's none of my business in all honesty anyways lol.

Returner Returning on 10/13/2020 10:43:45 PM

I appreciate the welcome!

Returner Returning on 10/13/2020 10:40:10 PM

Honestly, that looks badass if I'm being frank with you lol. You're a great drawer!

Returner Returning on 10/13/2020 10:38:52 PM

Okay, so apparently this website has had a few troubling accounts on here? Who's Serpent and what did he/her do?

Returner Returning on 10/13/2020 10:37:52 PM

Yeah, I have and I truly enjoyed them lol. I'll get right into reading Rogues! Thanks for the recommendation!