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Hey guys! Howzit? I just started and love the CYOA books that I made my own for my science project! Then, I found this website, and got addicted to it. I like this site. I also like sports and reading and playing the iPad. Well, see ya!


From McDonalds to Home

One day, you want to go to McDonald's for a meal and then the police come and block everyone from coming out because of terrorists, and they might kill you. You have to escape McDonalds and go home after going to the police station and almost getting arrested. Can you do it? Also, you CAN get home, but it's really hard to. Good Luck :)


Make it to the concert!

You are running late to make the concert! What will you do?

The Fulton High School Game: Part 1

You have to survive one day being a student at Fulton High, and you have to go through challenges along the way.

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The Super Bowl: Who's your pick? on 2/3/2015 7:21:04 PM

I guess you live near Seattle. The Pats never even touched the ball before warmups, and refs check the balls every once in a while. Don't worry, A lot of kids at my school say the "Deflatriots" cheated again, which they didn't/

Math trick on 1/31/2015 10:38:56 PM

Here's another one, guys.

Pick a number, add 2, multiply by 3 subtract 6, and divide by 3. You get the same number as you picked.

The Super Bowl: Who's your pick? on 1/31/2015 2:36:42 AM

For any of you football fans out there, who's your pick for the Super Bowl? The Seattle Seahawks, or the New England Patriots, and why?