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Master of None on 4/8/2021 12:04:40 PM

The reason I mentioning it is, because I have written stories for people that are into this fetish. That why I think knowing what people consider erotic, I know to be careful.

But you people already showed me you are not mature enough to even seriously discuss with me. How I can transform these elements into a comedy making fun of the scenes happening in this kind of stories without going too far into details. It's not easy to make fun of porn topics. 

Master of None on 4/8/2021 11:56:00 AM

True but I'm an honest person. As said I write a lot of porn allowing all fetishes people wish to see (except childs). And there are people that are into this stuff. They are very nice people if they not consider it for real.
Writing commission I often laugh a lot about the themes people want me to write. These stories would be quite funny if you skip all the parts meant to be "erotic". It's like reading the story script of a bad porn. And I thought I may, could use this to write a comedy that makes fun of this.

But if you read how aggressive people react to this simple question I think the real creeps are the people that judge people they not even know!

Master of None on 4/8/2021 11:49:13 AM

Wow, this community is garbage if you play this card:) I have a lot of fetishes darling. Not that it matters much if I ask a legitimate question. Is Hansel and Gretel porn for you? Because it contains all of the mentioned topics.

As said I even admit I'm also writing porn on other sides. I just wanted to ask, because I planned to use the knowledge I acquired writing commissions for round about 10 years now. To write a serious comedy that makes fun of all the stereotypes I learned writing for all kinds of people. ;)

Because stories involving these topics are very ridiculous. You can have a lot of fun if you just skip the "erotic" parts. But people like you are the true creeps. Because you judge people barely on sexual preferences!

Master of None on 4/8/2021 11:26:21 AM

You right. Maybe i just remove any details all along. I just know a lot of people that are already satisfied if i write: "X get eaten alive and loses a shoe." 

With details i mean. As example i describe how a monster grabs and player sticks an apple into his mouth and shoves him into the oven. Much further I actual not plan to go. 

Or another example: The player opens a cabinet, is pulled inside. The closet shakes for a few minutes and a little later only the clothes fly out. So it's more like in cartoons.

 But as we all know, there are people who already consider this too erotic. 

As said i'm still playing around with this concept. As I want to write a comedy survival story about something sounding easy on paper. That ends up beeing ridiculously impossible. 

Master of None on 4/8/2021 11:04:14 AM

I maybe described it wrongly. It not planned to be erotic. It's as said a comedy story. It just can be seen erotic for people. I not plan to write a porn. Else i would not ask to upload here. (I write a lot of porn stories on other side) 

But i think i may should just use twine as usualy;) 


Master of None on 4/8/2021 10:52:44 AM

Hi, i think i get straight to the point to avoid any confusion. 

I was thinking about writing a choice your own adventure story about a schoolgirl (the player), living in a world filled with monsters that eat humans. 

The main focus is on comedy: because the main goal is to survive one single school day without becoming someone's food. Which is ridiculously difficult in this world. 

However, it will contain a lot of elements of "vore". I plan to describe the bad ends very detailed. There will be no sex, blood, or scat.  But "cannibalism", soft nudity, food transformation and similar will happen. 

Is this allowed on this site using the highest maturity rating. Or does this break some rules?