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Homo Perfectus 8

You are Eve's child. Gender and name is customizable. Go through the growing years of the new Homo Perfectus, and learn from the older Imperfects to prepare for the time when you are forced to take charge of the new generation of mutants.

Both the power and the companion systems are very similar to Homo Perfectus 6. The main difference is that the companions have health bars, and can die if used poorly.

I intend to make this the final Homo Perfectus installment, although I have said that before, so I don't know whether that will last. This story is a lot longer than any of my past stories, as it goes through many years of the main character's life, and is really Homo Perfectus 8, Homo Perfectus 9 and Homo Perfectus 10 all in one (in order to have the decisions made through one of them to affect the others without having a tedious numerical system).

Whether you can get the super heroic ending or not depends on how many team members you have, so if you can't get the best ending, that's probably the reason.

EDIT: Added a page to the story. Just a single page, that's all, but it was a story Baryon tells that I just thought of and I had to include it somewhere. This of course meant I had to unpublish and republish the story so if your save just got deleted, that would be why.

Bacon Wars

A day of cooking Bacon becomes a lot more than expected...

Note: I clocked the time it took me to write this to see if I could do so in under the 90 minute marker, and it took exactly 76 minutes. Let that speak for itself.

Also features appearances from 4 random CYS users! Want to know who? Well, you've got to play to find out!

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Should we limit reproduction? on 9/30/2017 3:25:00 PM

I doubt anyone here is going to debate that you shouldn't be in a position where you're fiscally capable to before having children. The issue is you believing we should as a society impede on people's reproductive rights due to a lack of wealth.

Dihydrogen Monoxide - should it be banned? on 9/29/2017 11:42:25 PM

My friend died due to dihydrogen monoxide inhalation when I was 12. Ban it now.

Should we limit reproduction? on 9/29/2017 11:34:29 PM

What's your gripe against poor people having children?

Should we limit reproduction? on 9/29/2017 11:24:48 PM

I say we just kill the backwards savages as a warning to the rest of the world.

Ya Boi Made A Song. on 9/28/2017 9:50:13 PM

The "fuck it I'm having a good time" style of rapping you were using requires a more subdued beat. If you're going to use the type of beat that you did for this song, you've got to be more aggressive with your delivery.

Try practicing with simpler, more subdued beats. A good one to use is "Only the Best" by Penacho. It's on YouTube easy to find if you ever wanna give it a try.


How do you judge people? on 9/28/2017 1:09:41 AM


I've got a pretty laissez faire attitude when it comes to morality and judging people, so perhaps my own beliefs aren't the best to be held by someone with the power and influence as the government or God himself. All the same, I've always used the barometer of does this person actively make the world a bad place? Do they help their fellow man or tear them down? How do they carry themselves when they think their actions have imputiny? Do they take pity upon those at a worse position in life, or do they blame them for their failures?

The punishing of murders is a sensitive subject. The taking of a life needs to punished, because it's the most vile act a human being can do to another person. Depending upon your religious beliefs, at best you're tearing them away from their loved ones, and at worst wiping out their existence.

Previously I held a pretty adamant belief on the punishments of sexual predators, but recently I've softened on it, as I have many things the older I become. At what point do we as a society embrace honest remorse  as sufficient, provided forgiveness is existent in the circumstances? A bar fight I think we could all agree could be forgiven and forgotten if both parties were willing, but something like rape or murder is an entirely different beast.

I guess if I were an all knowing judge of actions and the morality behind them, I would take a number of factors into consideration. The most important of which would probably be the reasoning for their actions. Beyond that, are they genuinely remorseful for what they've done? Did they receive sufficient punishment for their actions? Does their victim forgive them? Does the loved ones of their victim forgive them? 

Black and white idealogies are dangerous, those dealing with morality even more so. I've had three people try to take my life, and I'm grateful to myself, God, the Universe, who or whatever is responsible that I was able to stay alive. If someone were to take my life and strip me away from my loved ones, I don't believe I'd be capable of forgiving them. I don't like to think about what would happen to the people in my life if they found out they'd never be able to see me again. Make of that what you will.

# @coins on 9/27/2017 9:44:35 PM

Better. Off papers and I'm living with my girl and her kid, finally got away from a lot of stressors so things are looking up.

# @coins on 9/27/2017 9:37:23 PM

Well I'm glad to hear you've moved past it. :) Happy for you bud

# @coins on 9/27/2017 9:28:27 PM

Either way, nice to hear from ya bud. You left outta nowhere, so it's good to see you're doing well.

# @coins on 9/27/2017 9:26:54 PM

Meh, it was amusing yesterday when I didn't have anything to do. Dunno why it's still going on now though.