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The Panic Room

When a police officer is murdered in what seems like an impossible crime, the team look to you to put the pieces together and solve the murder. It's up to you to examine the evidence, interrogate the suspects, and, when you're ready, make the arrest.

When Lights Go Out

A group of teenagers set out on a doomed school expedition only to find that they're in grave danger when a killer begins to hunt them down.

Very loosely based on a true experience I had whilst out on an expedition. This is the first game I have made so it is fairly short. The story doesn't take itself too seriously but I think that adds to the charm. Enjoy :)

A Marriage Made in Hell

The perfect wedding at the perfect location goes awry when a killer strikes.

I recommend you play 'The Panic Room' before starting this game as this story follows on from the events in that story. However, your experience of this game will not suffer if you have not as it is a stand-alone story that, apart from the characters, is mostly unrelated. 

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February Flash Fiction Contest Submission Thread on 2/22/2017 3:47:08 AM

297 words. (edit lock)

February Flash Fiction Contest Submission Thread on 2/22/2017 3:46:22 AM

In the Gutter

Christina weaved through the dense crowds, her hands deftly swiping any coin purses that her victims had foolishly left exposed. A man cried out, “Thief,” but she had vanished as quickly as she came, disappearing into the busy marketplace, just as her brother had taught her years ago. These skills were essential for survival when born and raised in a world of poverty. A stall keeper frowned at her ragged clothes and Christina bolted to avoid arousing any suspicion. Dancing gracefully through the shoppers, making a profit as she went, she paused to count her takings. Twenty-three gold pieces - enough to keep her fed for the week.

She turned to return home, to the gutter where she belonged, when she saw the man. He wore an officer’s clothing, his coat sealed with shiny buttons. He was sat in a small enclosed garden, writing furiously with a quill. Christina’s hand slid into her pocket and retrieved a scissor blade. Her brother had owned the other half; they had split the blades to make an oath that they would always protect one another, through thick and thin.

She nonchalantly approached the gentleman and dropped her knife by his foot. He glanced up at her for a moment and then returned to his paperwork. Christina bent down to retrieve her weapon, making sure to make eye contact with the man who changed her life for the worse. His eyes lit up in horror as he recognised who she was. Before he could scream, she plunged the scissor into the side of his skull and threw his body to the ground. Wiping the blade clean, she left him, buttons and all, lay in the dirt. It had been 10 years, but she’d never forgotten the day she broke her oath.  

February Contest & End's EdgeLord Contest on 2/21/2017 8:00:21 PM

I'll give it a try :)

Making a story less linear on 2/8/2017 6:13:48 PM


My first story was so complex that it was taking ridiculous amounts of time linking the pages together etc so I rushed to finish it, leading to a pretty poor story. So for the second story I wrote I made it much more linear and focused on the plot and it received a higher player rating. However, I'd made it so linear it was barely a CYOA game at all. For my next story I'm hoping to get a balance between the two by providing more branches but without sacrificing the plot.

I want to write another murder mystery as that's what I like reading and writing but I'm having difficulty thinking of ways to make it less linear, as it's always going to end with the crime being solved and someone being arrested. Does anyone have any ideas on how this could work? I've thought about making the player choose about which location they examine, or who they talk to, but I don't want the player to miss out on any possible clues by restricting them to only one option. 

My aim is to improve my writing with each story I do, so any feedback on here or on the stories themselves is greatly appreciated!



Replying to comments on 1/18/2017 3:37:28 PM

Oh xD I looked to see if there were any other threads about it but couldn't find anything! Must have missed that one that was only posted 5 days ago somehow!

Replying to comments on 1/18/2017 11:53:50 AM


I think it'd be nice if the author could reply to comments directly. I've been messaging everyone who commented on my story individually and I think it'd be easier if I could just reply to the comments themselves. And this way other people would be able to see my replies to the comments which I think would be good.