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My name:  xoxoalien (duh)

Age: 1,365,987,233

Birthday: I'm too old to remember

Birth Place: An ancient, now extinct planet called Cosmo. 

Who I am: an immortal alien 

Why I'm here: Cosmic aliens usually enjoy fighting with other planets, but for me, I like writing stories. It's kind of weird, but yeah. When the Plantarians (another breed of aliens) destroyed Cosmo, they held me captive and driven by boredom I decided to learn English. Later, the Plantarians had to flee Plantaria due to flooding, and I was free. There was nowhere to go; Cosmo was destroyed, so I went to Earth, seeking a better life. I live in America now, and even though I still miss the good old days in Cosmo, I can write about it here on ChooseYourStory. Not all my content is about space, but also a few things I've discovered on Earth, including love and heartbreak and school. 






Eternity Love

You are forced to make a choice: stay with the one person you love forever, or save the world and lose your life. Which will you choose?
This story is a good one for people who like challenging themselves to make hard decisions that draw the line between life and death.
This is my first story, and I am working on another one that is coming out soon too.

Midnight Rose

This game puts players in the mood of funny at first, but things advance from that to life issues, drama, love, and school pressure. Also, Midnight Rose is kind of a love story too, so just warning you people who don't like love stories.

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