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Isis, Hear my Plea! - help to finalize a minigame

11 months ago
Hi All,

May I ask for advice or critique on how to finalize my mini-game about the ancient Egypt in which the player need the gods' favour to solve puzzles & win battles to unite a fallen Egypt?

Currently it is in PDF format where the player follows the story from page to page with some player choices.
I am trying to fund it on Kickstarter to pay a designer to computerize it for me.
But if you guys have good ideas, perhaps I can do it my self :)

Specifically, I am looking to:
- Add in a password box that the player has to type the result from the puzzles (usually three digits)
If correct, it will reveal what page next to go to.
- Computerize it, as in making it into a real game instead of just a PDF file
- Ideas of whom can improve artwork of ancient egyptian comic-like design and serious detailed gods with weapons

I cannot attach the game here, but I can send you on email a demo if you are interested.
For more info I made these pages for my project:

Thanks for feedback!

Isis, Hear my Plea! - help to finalize a minigame

11 months ago

Both of your first points are doable here.  You could do something like the process described in this article to do the password setting.  A similar mechanic is demonstrated in "A Hunted and Haunted Halloween" by Mystic_Warrior.

As far as art goes, MadHattersDaughter was recently talking about looking to take on commissions. You might reach out to her.  I've also had good luck in finding artists via Facebook Art groups for the genre of art you are looking for.

Welcome to the site.

Isis, Hear my Plea! - help to finalize a minigame

11 months ago
This may help with the passwords.

Connecting page to page and making choices is the easy part, it's what the site is designed to do at the most basic level without needing to know any extra tricks. And you can add images or otherwise visually customize anything here pretty extensively if you know how to use HTML.

And MHD does indeed have her commissions open again. Her profile.

Isis, Hear my Plea! - help to finalize a minigame

11 months ago

There's sadly not a lot of information to really give you much advice. Of course it depends whether you want to monetize your game or not and what game mechanics you want to implement (how will the battle system look like? How will navigation work. Win conditions. etc.)

Considering that it looks like it's your first project (at least I think so) with a small budget and that it's probably a text based adventure, may I at least suggest that you try to learn to code it yourself? It's really because it's cheaper than to pay a person to do it for you.

As with art: it depends how much you value the game having any at all. Well, unless you already draw for fun, the learning curve is pretty steep, so probably would suggest that you either keep it very minimalistic or commission an artist that you like.  

As for the programming, I've heard that Parser is easy to work with for text based adventures. So perhaps give it a try yourself? It's free too. 

Heheh, but as others have suggested, you could do a lot of things with the text editor we have on the site.