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Winners to be Announced Soon!!

18 years ago
The winners of the best game contest are to be announced shortly. here are the Nominees (Games made by creators of the site are not eligible so you don't have to go up against games like Final's Week!)

In no particular order the 5 nominees for best game are:

The Mario Adventure Games
Magus Betrayal
The Wal*Mart Game
You're the Bachelor
The Quest for Pegasus
(honorable mentions below)

We're thinking of maybe giving out second place prizes too, but we'll see. The winner will be announced at the end of the week, and ultimately the decision is ours, but please reply to this forum and post which of these 6 games you guys think should win!!
Congrats to all who entered. Sorry if your game didn't get entered!

(Honorable mention to Gabi for the Challenge, webadapt for Adventures with Raven, thatguy for 23, akj for wizards quest, AKJ for Choose your own adventure 2, and funkywizard for BlunderBrain!!!)
Thanks to all,
remember to leave your vote!!

re:Winners to be Announced Soon!!

18 years ago
can you play my game it is called robot fight march5th00 you left a comment on it saying that i could so i did make it bigger i want you to play it it is in the fantsy section thank you from cool

re:Winners to be Announced Soon!!

18 years ago
Wow, second place price? :)

You mean, I still got a chance despite Wal*Mart? ;)

I think - at least for me, it is so - it's a pitched battle between storytelling and technical finesse.

My storytelling in Betrayal is better, but Wal*Mart is fun and technically very very well done.

Oh well. We'll see. I am not sure if I am morally eligible for casting a vote for my own game, so it goes out to thatguy. :)

re:Winners to be Announced Soon!!

18 years ago
it was an honor just to get an honorable mention :)

hope this site does great!