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The Weekly Review - Edition 50

5 months ago
Commended by BerkaZerka on 4/5/2020 11:45:44 AM
The Weekly Review – Edition 50


Notable News!
Who’s Who: Saika, fergie14233, Miccy2000, Killa_Robot, Leora, Morgan_R and Chanbot / Ford!


In Newbie Central Washed Potatoes joins the site!
In the Lounge Mizal launches her brilliant Monthly Newsletter!
In the Creative Corner Aesthetic Lama considers Art!
In the Writing Workshop Wannabe Human asks if anyone wants to take an Eldritch Deity on a date!
In the Stories Section Thomas La Homme publishes a great new story, Aphrodite’s Orphan!


This is the final edition of the Weekly Review.

After 50 editions I think I have said more than enough here on the forums so I am going to take some time off to concentrate on reading and writing.

If you are interested in seeing earlier versions of the Weekly Review StrykerL made a Lists Article in the Help and Info Section with links to the first 36 editions. I would strongly advocate members publishing their own newsletters, monthly newsletters seem a good idea, as suggested by Ford and Mizal to allow more time for both writing and gathering news; in fact the latter has recently produced a very good one. I think newsletters are an excellent way to share what's best about the site and contribute new things.

Finally, it just remains for me to say thank you to everyone who took the time to read the Weekly Review over the years and gave feedback. You are all awesome.


46: Saika
Joined: 2017
Last Active: 2019
Top Stories: Various
Notable For: Another site member who has come and gone Saika wrote two pretty good stories, did a little posting on the forums (in 2017) and took the time to read and rate most of the stories on the site (something anyone can do if they are willing to put in a few weeks of intensive reading). His profile contains some deep considerations as well as his two stories. His contributions to the site, mostly in a short time frame, were enough to get him a mention in the top 50 members.

47: Fergie14233
Joined: 2010
Last Active: 2014
Top Stories: The Ocean’s Daughter (Love and Dating)
Notable For: Another of the vanished, Fergie’s main legacy is his wonderful Ocean’s Daughter story which, after all these years, remains featured in the Love and Dating section. He contributed a few articles to the site as well and was apparently pretty active in the forums in his time as well as getting a huge amount of points from a combination of dueling and milking the daily point feature. His profile also contains one of the more bizarrely inexplicable poems I have read recently.

48: Miccy2000
Joined: 2005
Last Active: 2015
Top Stories: Various
Notable For: Miccy, one of the first-generation members, perhaps deserves to be better known. He remains one of the site’s most prolific writers with 16 stories to his name, most of them good and some of them previously featured, and he won a bunch of trophies that are no longer available. Until 2013 he popped up from time to time in the forums but seems to have vanished now; though a bit dated his stories are still fun to read.

49: Killa_Robot
Joined: 2008
Last Active: Currently Active
Top Stories: Inepta Academy (School), Survive the Zombies (Horror) and Through Time (Love)
Notable For: Along with fellow moderators Madglee, BerkaZerka, JJJthebanisher and EndMaster, Killa is one of the longest active members on the site. An exceptional author whose, Through Time story is a particular favorite of mine Killa knows his bugs so to speak and is usually able to help figure out any difficulty involving Bugs and Scripting. A dispenser of consistently great advice and a continuously active and welcome presence in the Forums Killa is one of the mainstays of this site.

50: Leora
Joined: 2018
Last Active: Currently Active
Top Stories:
Notable For: This very cheerful member, who sadly hasn’t been very active since 2019 (due to studies?), was a very lively and welcome presence in the forums. She is one of the few members who read and rated all the story games (at the time) and also contributed a nice article to the site on Proofreading. To make a worthwhile contribution to the site taking on and completing the rate all the story-games challenge is one of the best things new members can do.

51: Morgan_R
Joined: 2012
Last Active: Currently Active
Top Stories:
Notable For: I was originally going to limit this Who’s Who to 50 members but there are 2 people who I think deserve special mention. The first is Morgan_R, the site’s unique Social Justice Owl. Morgan’s contributions are almost entirely in the forums (Morgan hasn’t rated a story since 2015 though did pick up a ton of points from the daily points feature) where this owl is a popular and friendly, though recently quiet, member of the site.

52: Chanbot / Ford
Joined: 2014
Last Active: Currently Active
Top Stories: Various
Notable For: Chanbot or Ford, “The King of the Alts”, is a very active and frequently challenging member who has contributed a huge amount to the site to the extent I would find it hard to imagine the site without him. Another original individual with something bordering on obsession for dueling he may well have the lowest point number of any site member. Ford has rated most of the site’s stories and has recently branched into writing, with good results, but his main contributions are on the forums where his unique style of contributing always keeps things lively and interesting.

This Who’s Who of Site Members is finished!

I think the complete Who’s Who and the Writing Advice from Edition 49 would make good articles. Updating StrykerL’s List with all the editions of the Weekly Review (and maybe the Points League?) might be good as well.


Notable News: Washed_Potatoes, Mizal, AestheticLama, WannabeHuman and ThomasLaHomme.
Who’s Who: Saika, Fergie14233, Miccy2000, Killa_Robot, Leora, Morgan_R and Chanbot / Ford.

Everyone: For reading these Weekly Reviews.

The Weekly Review - Edition 50

5 months ago

And now the END TIMES will be coming soon...

The Weekly Review - Edition 50

5 months ago
what on earth compelled you to choose such a weird collection of people for who's who? the other editions almost had some continuity with them all being old members or all being active in this year but you have the likes of miccy and fergie next to saika? From what I recall saika was on a similar level to honor who is in jail or dead now. If you have miccy and fergie you must've run out of bhb folks. Though I'll admit I've never really read one of these in full. Still haven't.

Leora is definitely not known for that lol and I'm pretty sure I haven't made an alt in over two years. do you actually dust off old member statistics from a filling cabinet as reference material?

The Weekly Review - Edition 50

5 months ago
Thanks for the memories~

The Weekly Review - Edition 50

5 months ago
Indeed, thanks for keeping this up so long, it was almost always interesting and always fun!

The Weekly Review - Edition 50

5 months ago
You made it to 50, great job! it's a good number.

Now that THAT'S out of your system, you should go finish your latest storygame because I've been curious about what you're planning for that for awhile.