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Got a favorite storygame? Can't beat The Wal*Mart Game? If you're here to play storygames, this is the forum for you.

Top rated storygames

4 years ago

How come dungeon stompage is rated higher than necromancer, but necromancer is on the top rated storygames, and not dungeon stompage?

Top rated storygames

4 years ago

Both show up in the 'top storygame' list for me. As to why Necromancer is listed higher: its adjusted rating is higher than Dungeon Stompage's. This rating system takes the amount of votes and such into account, though I'm not completely sure how it calculates ratings. You can view the adjusted rating when you hover your cursor over a storygame's rating.

Best storygames

4 years ago

Since this thread is just a waste of space right now, I figured I could use it to ask a question. 

1. What are your favorite long Story>Game stories?
2. What are your favorite short Story>Game stories?
3. What are your favorite Game>Story stories
4. What are your favorite balanced stories
5. What are your favorite puzzle stories.
6. What are your favorite authors (excluding yourself.)

I would love to know if there are any stories that I did not cover here. Also if you take your time to answer even some of these questions, thank you for your time.


Best storygames

4 years ago

Sorry your thread is collecting dust, most of our top members are hard at work on contest entries right now! Moseying on around here is a great way to fail at making progress. It'll liven up here a little after that.

Favorite long story game is Eternal...

Short, that I distinctly think of as short, probably Snow...

Homo Perfectus did a great job of being a game at many points.

not sure

lately, cat stacking stands out.

I can summarize the dominating majority on this, EndMaster. SindriV is also a valid choice.

Best storygames

4 years ago
Oh shit that I actually reminds me I completely forgot about a bug Chris found in the cat game.

Well, fixed now anyway.

Anyway, noobs should play Cows vs Aliens, it's the most standout example of how the editor can be twisted in ways God did not intend I can think of.

Best storygames

4 years ago

1. I always liked Necromancer and the later Magellans as longer Story>Games, although those are only off the top of my head.

2. Vampire Hunter, Geek, 4 Little Mice.

3. The first Magellan, Dungeon Stompage, and I've admittedly sunk a great deal of time into Cows Vs Aliens.

4. Shit... no idea, don't know what would qualify as balanced storygames.

5. Never liked puzzle games much. I guess Tower of Riddles.

6. Hmmm... excluding myself, everyone else seems to be a gaping disappointment. Will11 is a classic favorite, but he leans a bit too edutainment for my taste, and is a terrible writer and a piece of shit for blinding my love interest and then fucking off to write about cowboys, so he can fuck off.

Endmaster's Endmaster, but the fucker barely ever publishes anything. I mean, Rogues just got out, but besides that, eh, and that's not enough content to be respected, so he can also fuck right off.

Eh... nope, excluding myself, I got nothing. Sorry, sham.