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I wrote a review for one of my own games.

7 years ago

This is for the sixth installment of...the September the 14th series.


If you are reading this from ten years in the past, my younger self, you suck at writing. 

While I will admit, you have worked quite hard with this series and managed to finish every single chapter, you still not only rushed, but severely half-assed the character design. 

Female character? She can cry and get emotional. Villain? Laugh, monologue, I'M A GOD! 

Also, when using terms such as "You" and "your name here", aren't you actually referring to your egotistical self. Obviously, we all share the same perspective, as one single anime dubbing company who have broadcasted and censored anime for children that would otherwise be targeted for an older demographic has led us into fearing that all our favorite"adult-oriented" television programs and media would be altered by two major characters from the ONE dub that actually wasn't as bad, would come to unleash hell upon the town by awkwardly changing said demographic of said adult-targeted television shows to younger children. 

This is one of your best, and that's not saying much. These all suck. 

Don't change a thing. 

-Your Older Self 

I wrote a review for one of my own games.

7 years ago

*Shots fired*

Anyway, why don't you take it down? It's very clear you hate them all, so why let these embarrassments continue to embarrass you?

I wrote a review for one of my own games.

7 years ago

No. Not only do these hold some slight sentimental value to me, but they are a bit unintentionally comedic, contrary to the broken difficulty and simplistic writing style.

There are people who feel the same. I feel we should laugh a bit and take these stories as examples of how NOT to make a series.

I don't hate my younger self. His work is questionable, sure, but his years were quite challenging for him. Just about everyone mistreated him, people at school, his middle brother. He also never had any close friends. When he wasn't writing stories, he was either being made fun of or beaten for his interests in Mario and cartoons, or he was secluded within his room, playing his Nintendo GameCube.



I wrote a review for one of my own games.

7 years ago

Dem feels.

Anyway, I understand. This site (And a lot of other things) is kind of a getaway for me, considering I'm bullied a lot and my family has gone to shit.