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Instructions on creating advanced games?

19 years ago
Hey I was trying to find some instructions on using the advanced tools and I get "Coming SOon." I haven't really played with it yet, so maybe I can figure it out, but after playing the Wal*Mart game, I want to make one! I was impressed, in that game, by how you can set points in the game that "know" where you've been and so forth. Also, does anyone have any particular strategies for making a simple/advanced game? Such as outlining paths and such on paper, or do you just write, put choices, and try to finish all the choices? That's what I did on my first one, but it was basic.

re:Instructions on creating advanced games?

19 years ago
Hi madglee,

Unfortunately, they have no instructions for using the Advanced Editor. Your best bet is to just play with it, that's what I did. Just try different things in a test game and see how it works.

As far as strategies, here's my thoughts on it. You have two base types of games, linear and non-linear. Most games are linear -- the pages in a game are used to describe what happened, what is about to happen, and what the player can do. See Finals Week as a great example of a linear game.

In the non-linear game, pages are used to describe a location that changes throughout the game. Wal*Mart game is an example of this. See also Jurassic Fairview Park for another great game.

So with that said, now here’s my strategy. First, think of a general topic, not necessarily a plot, but just an area where you’d like to explore. I picked Wal*Mart because I thought it may be fun to do.

After that, I decided which type of game I wanted, and went with non-linear, because I thought it would be a challenge to write (and it most certainly was). About the only scenario for a game I could think of in Wal*Mart was terrorists, so I went with that.

Once I had that, I thought of a general story line: terrorists take over Wal*Mart and the player has to stop them using items in the store, I made a paper diagram showing how all the departments (clothes, food, etc) relate to each other. Then I thought of what you could possibly use in Wal*Mart to stop terrorists. I came up with the base items, put them on my diagram, and then went into the Advanced editor and filled in the rest.

Yes, a lot of the items don’t have a purpose, but that’s to throw off the player. I did my best to make every item have a logical purpose, but it appears that my version of logic is different than everyone elses. Thankfully, beholder wrote a walkthrough for the game.

As far as the UberEnding, I’m surprised no one figured out how to find it. A clue is, it involves using a certain sound-enhancing device from a vending machine used in a place where you hear a faint noise. Unfortunately, it’s broken and I have been trying to figure out how to get it to work … but I will do that, I really want to finish it and have other ppl enjoy it!

Feel free to ask me any questions about designing or using the advanced editor. unfortunately, it appears that Alexp (admin) has put the myadventuregame project on the backburner, but I know if you email him and what not, he’ll try to make some time for it!

-- Thatguy

re:Instructions on creating advanced games?

19 years ago
Hey Thatguy,

Thanks for the response. That was really helpful. I'm going to start a new story and make a diagram and such. The advanced editor was a little confusing, but you're right, if I spend some time on it, I'm sure I can figure it out. And for your Uber ending, I kept trying to get a spy ear so I could listen to that whisper but all I got was a rubber third eye. Heheh. I wrote a comment, but I'll say it here too: that was a great must've taken you a while to write it. Anyway, I appreciate the reply and I'm going to get started on a new adventure. :)

re:Instructions on creating advanced games?

19 years ago
You were on the right track! Actually, it takes two or three quarters to get the spy ear in the game ... now in real life, would you really expect to get a spy ear, the best toy in the vending machine, with only one quarter ;-).