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I'm BDP, and I hope you enjoy the content I create.

Account, Profile, SettingsSome parts of stories are pretty dark, to add a sense of realism. Read at caution if you are a sensitive reader.

Some parts in parentheses in the stories are just either things I lampshade, or things I say to add a sense of humor, and not a real part of the story. These are very short, don't worry.

If you like what you see, I would appreciate it if you would rate it, and give a comment on your feelings, feedback, and at points, alternate/ write your own endings in the comments. 

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And no I'm not mentally insane myself! Even though half of my characters tend to be.

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You will control the decisions made by Julia, a high school senior, and what you choose do, or pick up can affect what happens to her, and affects the decisions of the people around her. NOTE: Some parts can be very dark and hard to read because.


Each individual Item can only be used in one part of the story, triggering either an ending to the story, or a completely different path.

There are 10 different endings, all across the board! Find them all!

Update: Fixed some grammatical errors. 


The Kidnapping

Emma is kidnapped by a criminal with a few screw looses. Like any kidnapper, he wants a ransom, but he will go to... larger extremes if you are not careful. Make the right decisions and survive.