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Your Adventure in Wonderland

I originally have this on fanfiction and have now decided to post it here. This is only the first half of your adventure, but I'll like to see what people think of it. Flames will be used to roast my marsh mellows and will be ignored, but I rather them not be there at all. Below I will paste and copy the introduction that I have for it on fanfiction.com.

Author's Note and Disclaimer


Girl-of-Action- Greetings readers, what up? This is my newest story, one of the few that I plan to finish. And don't worry if you don't know about this twisted version of Alice and Wonderland, its no problem! Well, this is less my story and more your story than anything else. I'll explain what I am mean in just a moment, but first, let me tell you what this story is about. Have you ever gone to the book store and picked up one that has the words 'choose your own adventure' written on it in bold? It usually has 100-200 pages and has an "adventures log" in the very back. If so, than you know how this type of thing works and you can skip the paragraph below. If not, then read on.

After reading each "page" in this "book", there will be words written with bold print and in parentheses at the very bottom. These will be your "choices". It will go along like this. (IF YOU WISH TO _ THEN TURN TO PAGE _. IF INSTEAD YOU WANT TO _ THEN GO TO PAGE _.) Get the idea? You are the main character in this story and will have a say in what happens to your character. Will you be merciful and free the prisoners, or will you leave them to rot for something they did to you earlier in the story? Be careful though, each choice has a consequence and one might even lead to death!

In since I can't very well give you an adventures log, you will have to make up your own. Now, this is not necessary, but it will very much help you. Every little detail could help you later on. If you don't want to do this, than at least take a piece of paper and right down the pages you went through in the order you did them. I will constantly be twicking and improving all of this, so I don't want you to go up to me and say, "What the heck? I don't remember doing this!" Anyways, I will also be giving you some pointers at the beginning of each page in these little things [ ]. It will say something like go to a room with dim light and play American McGee's Alice Dry Landing song. You will be able to find these songs if you go on to you tube. Again, this is not necessary but it will help you feel like you are really there.

Okay, now for the disclaimer. I do not own Alice in Wonderland or American McGee's Alice… Bloody hell! I don't even have enough money to buy the game! In the end I had watch someone else play it on YouTube… *Goes and pouts in a corner.* Go to page 2 and leave me to my misery!