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I am Karacan, the Dark Soul,
The Fear of Mankind,
The Flame of Udun,
The Delight of Madness,
The Pleasure of Pain.

I am the Darkness,
The Nightborn,
The Voice of the Ghosts
And the Whispers in the Wind...

Seriously, though... I'm but a poor lonesome (somewhat, okay, as long as my girlfriend isn't around at the moment, anyway) poet (wordwright, artist, madman...) who tries to be a student for a living. (Which doesn't work.)


Play my games, go on. You don't want to know more about myself. ;)

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Magus: Betrayal

This is the first part of "Tides of War", a multi chaptered story.

In Betrayal, you play the role of the young Magus Uriel, a skilled elementalist accompanying an emissary's treck to a far off city.
On the road, you will face enemies that only skill, luck and a deep understanding of your magic will allow you to survive Uriel's very first adventure...

While sometimes slightly cynic, the game is supposed to be more serious than funny, with an appeal to those roleplayers among you. :)

The game plays in the entirely fictional world of Thyr, were magic rules the societies, and brave men with swords valiantly defend their settlements against goblins, trolls and other hideous monsters.

I played with the thought of converting it to an Advanced Game, so that the game remembers your Element, for example, but then I am too much of a FightingFantasy-style fan, and if you really want to cheat by browsing back or pretending to be something different than you are, as long as you enjoy yourself, you're welcome...

Space is Cold

You wake up after cryogenic sleep, on an exploration journey to Alpha Centauri on the very first interstellar flight. But something is wrong. Very wrong.

Space Is Cold is a game about loss, loneliness and... love.

Recent Posts

Competitions? on 7/17/2005 4:58:48 PM
Okay, if anyone finds out the name of the series, please notice me. There were a few multiplayer FightingFantasy books which you played "against" each other. Basically, they're your standard FightingFantasy type, and you play on your own for a bit, until you read a passage that tells you to stop and notify your opponent of something, then continue after he's given his choice. I remember two different books, one featuring an elf and a dwarf racing through a Deathtrap Dungeon like trial who could trigger traps for the other, the other one was a Sith and a Jedi trying to obtain an object of power. I don't think there ever used to be a cooperative one, but I'd love to create one.

Magus returns. on 7/13/2005 12:34:49 AM
Oh, and I think I remember Kaddar... but he dropped out of sight even before me, I think.

Magus returns. on 7/13/2005 12:33:56 AM
I'm not a god? Oh, that's a turndown. ;) I thought about going advanced... but then decided against it again. First of all, I'm a stickler of the old FightingFantasy books: If you want to cheat and go back to the last paragraph, if you want to pretend you have an item you don't, if you want to say you made a roll when you didn't even bother to get the dice, then by all means, go for it - it's all about fun. And for me, it's all about telling a story. :) Anyway, the wizard way is just so much more comfortable. If "Space Is Cold" ever gets done (or at least, gets started right), that'll be a game that makes full use of advanced features. (As a sneak preview: It uses score as a timer.) And about that god thing again... hell, I'm a writer, I'm supposed to be as arrogant as they come. ;)

Magus returns. on 7/12/2005 1:12:41 PM
Okay, so finally, I made my way back, and decided that I liked the story of Magus: Betrayal so much that I'll give it a shot and try to do the second part.
This will feature lots of text again (if you don't want to read a story, don't look), lots and lots of choices, multiple paths to the ending. I am going for replay value, and for allowing players to choose a path they like, not one they're forced to.
And yeah, there will be lengthy death-scenes. I enjoy doing them.
I don't have any idea when that one will be done, or if anyone really cares about my announcement here - just want to say this: The comments warm my heart. :)

re:playing mag on paper on 3/17/2003 9:33:46 AM

*really interested*

*so interested that I just ditched the plans of making the second part of Betrayal an advanced game. :)*

*underlining the "*really interested*" once more*

re:BEST IDEA EVER on 3/17/2003 5:40:30 AM
*smirk* I actually tried to get thatguy to assist me writing a nice little SciFi-adventure, but since he never mailed me (*wriggling an admonishing finger*), I have to do it on my own. In my spare time. Which isn't there. Huh.

Wish you good luck on your coop-project. :)

re:playing mag on paper on 3/17/2003 5:36:33 AM

A pitty my real life currently takes much of my spare time, else the second part of the story (where you play as the mysteriously vanished Princess Jessamin) would have been done by now. :/ So far, the ETA is not avaiable. :)

re:The Contest Winners!!! on 3/5/2003 6:20:02 PM

I had a feeling I was running second, but I never expected me to be close. ;) Thanks for the prize, it will come in very handy indeed.

Okay, that's settled then, now I am motivated enough to write the second part. ;) But first, for all of those who complained Betrayal was too easy and too much text, there's a devious and very, very dark science-fiction game coming up... Wait for "Space Is Cold...". But you probably need to wait longer than this site needs to be updated. ;)

re:A SINCERE THANKS on 3/5/2003 4:24:28 PM
I feel honoured. :)

Thank you. I cannot wait to have a hard copy of my adventure games in my hand. :) I hope they're bound, and not just copies of paper. ;)

Fun idea, though.

re:Not Funny on 3/5/2003 3:26:53 AM
Good words in times where the world turns to a very strange - and, in my eyes at least, very alarmin - approach towards censorship.

I think it was Oscar Wilde who wrote - and if he did not, I am sure he would have signed it: "If you cannot laugh about something, you cannot weep about it either."