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An Entry for Mizal's "Gone Fishing" contest.

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Possibly CYS's half-blackest story yet!

The Lonely Inn
A rather bright orc's misadventures in a haunted inn. This was an entry for the Damned and the SHAMED contest.

Wrath of the Edomite
My debut story and an entry for Endmaster's Myth and Religion Contest

Play as Doeg, the herdsman of Saul, a minor antagonist to David. The biblical story of Doeg is found in 1 Samuel 21 and 22. A "true" ending is one I considered containing an ending where the protagonist accomplished a part of his purpose or made some kind of mark on history. Feel free to disagree or to like one of the death endings better. There is a (relatively) biblically accurate path with a choice between two epilogues, so you can consider that a "win" you want to.

Crime of Passion
Play as a man in post WWII New York. Life sure was easy before you fell in love with a canary.

This is an entry for Endmaster's Prompt Contest 2

Mystery Box: Story that starts with the protagonist being sentenced to death.

Note: There is only one ending that ends with the protagonist alive. This is not meant to be the winning ending. This is meant to be a crime noir, and sometimes death makes a beautiful ending to a story. Every ending is a winning ending.

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The Damned and the SHAMED results (Finally) on 12/3/2023 4:11:04 PM
Yeah, thanks for hosting. I was pretty busy compared to my usual, but I liked what I got to write. I plan on at least reading and reviewing DBNB's and Zake's within the near future

Let's write a Storygame by committee on 11/30/2023 10:15:53 AM
This is easily the worst suggestion

Let's write a Storygame by committee on 11/20/2023 12:10:41 AM
Never heard of them

Let's write a Storygame by committee on 11/19/2023 11:51:35 PM
Wow. In the spirit of the endeavor, I will include an interpretation of this post and what I assume is the spirit of your suggestion, but let it be known that I hate horror and now I hate you

Let's write a Storygame by committee on 11/19/2023 10:43:43 PM
Somehow still less schizo than what I anticipated

Let's write a Storygame by committee on 11/19/2023 9:15:39 PM
It's Petros again. I'm the guy who definitely never said anything about writing custom murder fics. This time, I'm attempting to be a creativity leech. You suggest plot points, characters, etc., and I craft a story of dubious quality out of the components. I will also be leaving it on sneak peek mode so that you can monitor my progress. DISCLAIMER: I am making no promises as to the likelihood of me actually finishing/publishing the resulting mess.

Thunderdome 10: Suranna vs Lux vs ??? on 11/15/2023 2:40:19 AM
I'm voting for story A. It feels complete, and while there are specifics I could criticize, it's just the kind of story I particularly enjoy. I love sci fi, so you kinda had me from the get-go. Some of the dialogue seems forced and inhuman, but the characters manage to be distinct even in a very short story. I also love the neat circular package that this came in. The rare humanity shown in an alien, mirroring a different character's previous actions just really did it for me. I read some of the other reviews, and it is a bit clumsy in a few places, but honestly it has a certain charm. The theme is also a pessimistic sort of optimism, and I think the world could use a bit of that. I hate story B with everything inside of me. It had to be written by either a computer or a turbo-autist. It was weirdly sexual and pretentious without being clear. It reminded me of something the "smart" kid would write for a high school literature project. I will say that the sentences flowed well, but some of the sentences together might as well have been gibberish. It was like a mosaic where the individual pieces were beautiful, but the whole added up to a kindergarten self portrait. I hate it. I hate it so much. It makes me almost as angry as I get when I see a dog, and boy howdy, do I hate dogs! I'd kick the author of this story like one of those Shiba dogs. So. Hard. Story C was pretty good. Honestly, between this and story A, it was probably the better written one. I simply enjoyed the story less. The only real downside to this one for me was that it felt in places like the author might have been wordcount padding. I also don't particularly enjoy the thought of stabbing pregnant mothers. I do suppose this was a definite CYS type story. Edginess was certainly there. I just wasn't into it. I vote for Story A A and C were both good, and if a human wrote B, I dislike them intensely (unless you're someone important)

favorite game on 11/10/2023 12:02:48 PM
Death Song

The Damned and the SHAMED on 11/8/2023 1:15:59 AM
Understandable. It is the first time I've turned anything in early in my life

The Damned and the SHAMED on 11/7/2023 7:46:31 PM
My entry