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Crackas best get they pasty hands offa my rod!

An Entry for Mizal's "Gone Fishing" contest.

There's a profile badge in there somewhere.

Possibly CYS's half-blackest story yet!

The Lonely Inn
A rather bright orc's misadventures in a haunted inn. This was an entry for the Damned and the SHAMED contest.

Wrath of the Edomite
My debut story and an entry for Endmaster's Myth and Religion Contest

Play as Doeg, the herdsman of Saul, a minor antagonist to David. The biblical story of Doeg is found in 1 Samuel 21 and 22. A "true" ending is one I considered containing an ending where the protagonist accomplished a part of his purpose or made some kind of mark on history. Feel free to disagree or to like one of the death endings better. There is a (relatively) biblically accurate path with a choice between two epilogues, so you can consider that a "win" you want to.

Crime of Passion
Play as a man in post WWII New York. Life sure was easy before you fell in love with a canary.

This is an entry for Endmaster's Prompt Contest 2

Mystery Box: Story that starts with the protagonist being sentenced to death.

Note: There is only one ending that ends with the protagonist alive. This is not meant to be the winning ending. This is meant to be a crime noir, and sometimes death makes a beautiful ending to a story. Every ending is a winning ending.

Soul Cleaver

Story by Committee

The Sojourner's Home
The future is hard on small business owners! For Endmaster's prompt contest pt 3 or something. (Please kill me. No, really. Please, I'm begging you.)

Gut ripping, blood spilling, head splitting, etc., etc.

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What Are Orders? on 6/19/2024 8:23:35 PM
Degenerate Masochist

What Are Orders? on 6/19/2024 5:41:12 PM
But why are you gay?

What Are Orders? on 6/19/2024 2:04:34 AM
I wish to cannibalize you and drink your spinal fluid :)

What Are Orders? on 6/16/2024 9:03:06 PM
Sorry, man. The fumes get to me sometimes

What Are Orders? on 6/16/2024 8:53:30 PM
We're objectively not. As Wardens, we ride Ace, the bloated man-whale through a disgusting sea of our own corpses. And to top it all off, now we have to welcome this Ravenic homo onto the sinking blubber raft

What Are Orders? on 6/15/2024 1:03:48 AM
Just like my "joke" about murdering you in a grimy gas station bathroom over scrabble

Storytelling: One Sentence at a Time on 6/14/2024 10:27:11 AM
Aw, HELL no!

End Master's Crisis Contest on 6/12/2024 11:45:45 PM
Unless you're not only gay, but also some kind of robot

End Master's Crisis Contest on 6/12/2024 5:31:47 PM

Thunderdome 12: Milton vs Petros vs ???? on 6/11/2024 2:06:55 AM
I know it looked like I was having a crisis, but actually I just had a fit of the autism because I was distracted by life. I saw Milton did a kind of "what I learned" paragraph, so I did one too. Unfortunately, I also picked the self-deprecation button in my brain out of muscle memory, forgetting that it's only a reasonable decision if you win. Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you never complimented me again. It makes me uncomfortable. I hope you don't die in the next contest.