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Ship Wrecked on Misty Island

You wake up on the beach head of a mysterious island after the cruise ship you where on was wrecked and you tossed overboard. Surrounded by perpetual mist during the day. At nighttime you the island is filled with the howls of preternatural creatures. Can you survive the horrors of Misty Island?

This is my first published game, I know it needs work :) It's been too long since I wrote. Just trying to gain experience before I tackle another project.

Alien Agenda

As the spirit of a long deceased human, pick one of three alien races of alien to reincarnate into, determine the fate of the human race. Will you be their savoir or their conqueror?

Xerthid's- Description- A massive race of muscular horned aliens covered in thick scaly hide.  Goals: world domination; Methods: superior technological and military might, brute force.

Epode's- Description- A shape shifting alien race from the center of the earth. Goals: world domination through subterfuge, establishment of a hierarchy with Epodes at the top, and human's as soul harvested food source at the bottom.

Silver's- A highly intelligent race whose long history of genetic engineering has rendered their genes unstable which threatens to doom their race. Goals: Utilize human genetics. discover a way to save their dying race.

Book I- Sutble Illusions

You are the only Shape Shifter ever born to be unable to shift into anything but a single mundane human form, that of a young adult of around 20 years old that the other Shape Shifters have mockingly named Ted.

Desperately on the run from the Fifth Division, the espionage arm of the Grand Shadow, an empire that includes only denizens of the night and outcasts from humanity. One that stretches from the very northern to most southern border of the continent and is expanding rapidly eastward in the face of a resilient human defense, aided by new mechanical war machines and other advanced technology.

Earn or lose the favor of your patron twin god and goddess of the moon. Their attribute of magic and illusions. (To be implemented in a later book).


Tales from the

The end of an Era

This is the story about the moments when an Era fades away. When fossil fuels and the railroad goes the way of clean energy.The aftermath of the war against an alien race only known as the Outriders. The Outriders were pushed out of Earth leaving behind a separatist branch of friendly Outriders with an offer for mankind. Rumor has it only the smartest or wealthiest were offered Travel into space. Nobody is exactly sure where they are headed. Some say a world of luxury, others claim it's to finish the war against the other Outriders, while a few more negative believe it is a trick and they will surely be eaten.

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Looking for thoughts and ideas on 6/27/2015 1:15:16 PM

The story is something I plan to make intricate and deeper then it currently is. I want it to flow in a way like the title suggests. The main character being a shape shifter, at first he can only shift into a single human form. He is on the run and risks being assassinated for having stolen twin daggers which are a holy item of the Shades. These daggers are god and goddess touched. And play a pivotal role in the story and are extremely magical and the god and goddess will talk to you through these daggers late on.

The main character being basically a black sheep by his own people, was forced to become a cook for the military. Unlike other Shape Shifters which are recruited as members of espionage. He hates his own kind with a passion for the torment they put him through. His goal at the start of the story is to assume his human form, make it to human civilization and fit in. Things dont go quiet as planned though.

Through out the story the main character will be able to gain different shape shifting transformations. At first into animals, and eventually into more fearsome beasts.

Being able to shape shift at will is an interesting mechanic. If I can implement it. He could possibly shift back and forth, which would change the situations, dialog and how people see him. Even though he is a black sheep, he is very intelligent and able to use what little ability he has to be stealthy and trick both humans and his own kind to survive.


Looking for thoughts and ideas on 6/27/2015 1:08:59 PM

The link should take you to my story. I am still at the very beginning of creation, and need to eventually edit out grammar errors. But I would love to hear your ideas for what directions I might take, and if you think I should continue on with this story or scrap it because you think it sucks.