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Hi. My name is Olivia, and I'm fourteen going on fifteen and a freshman in High School. I'm not exactly the most skilled writer, but I really want to learn how to write and engage the reader better so I can write and publish a book and have it succeed and become a best seller as I hope it will help me enter an amazing arts college!!! I like writing, but my real passion is singing. Just ask the neighbors. All 32 of them. 

Please look at my stories and give me advice! I do not get offended with criticism. It's what I'm looking for.

Thank you to the intelligent comments on my first story, Hunted Down. I really appreciate all of your advice, and my next game will have a more developed plot and be longer as well as more interested.


Hunted down

All your life, your parents kept you by your side. Never were you allowed to parties, sleepovers, or even school. Your room door was padlocked, and a huge fence surrounded your house. Never did you understand why.

Until now.

Your parents have a past filled with enemies and mistakes that you can't even imagine. They have been shielding you from a fate that strikes fear into their hearts. Despite your many moves across the globe, your location was discovered on your thirteenth birthday, and your parents are nowhere to be found. Now it's just you and the mysterious man with a gun and a taste for revenge in the dark house.

Will you survive?

A Day In The School Life

Welcome to Person County, where the only quality stores are Walmart and uh... Yeah, just Walmart. And Bojangles I guess.

You're enrolled in the ONLY High School in the entire county! It's overcrowded, underfunded, and completely redundant! Can you survive the hell?

Hunted Down (improved version)

Hey, you guys! I haven't been on here in so long, but I read the comments and I am very honored to receive amazing criticism!I'm actually fourteen, and I really appreciate the intelligent advice you all gave me. I'll definitely be on here more often, and here is my old story game, only better, with a whole different plot but the same idea of being 'hunted down'.

Hunted Down 2

My last game sucked. Here's a new one...

After making an enemy of an old friend in High School, your character now attends college, unaware that the person still holds a grudge against you. It wasn't wise to upset someone so unstable. But how were you supposed to know he was going to be a serial killer?

The School Life of PHS

Welcome to Person County, aka The Middle Of Nowhere, where the only quality stores to visit are Walmart and, uh... Yeah, just Walmart. You're a freshman in Person County Highschool... An overcrowded, underfunded place of terror and puberty. Can you survive the day?