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I am a physical therapist who is also a cartoonist on the side.

I grew up reading "choose your own adventure" and "which way" books. I always thought it would be cool to write one of my own.

Depending on the feedback I get from this first game, will decide my attempt for future installments. Please critique honestly.



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You get a letter in the mail stating that your Grandfather is dying. You haven't seen him in years but you remember playing hide and seek in his large mansion when you were a kid. He could possibly be leaving you something BIG in his will. The tricky part is crossing...HELL'S HIGHWAYS!!!

This game is for old school horror fans of the 80's and 90's. I have recently added extra storylines to reference newer movies. 

Some of the movies depicted in this story are:

Vacancy, Stephen King's IT, Motel Hell, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Freddy vs Jason, Candyman, Dusk til Dawn, Saw and many more...

See how many  you can survive!!!

Horror fans...enjoy.

The Murdering Midget!!
BEWARE!! This game is a horror/survival CYOA meant for those that are not too easily upset by graphic realism and have at least an elementary level of common sense.

You are thrown into a world of nightmare and its your responsability to get yourself and anyone else dragged into this world...out alive. GOOD LUCK!!

Nightmare Mansion

The Mysterious...

This is going to be a thriller/horror CYOA. I wan't to introduce my co-author who will be lending his morbid imagination to this piece. He goes by the name of: Evil G-man!!!!!!!!!!! He takes a bow...

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I went to check my story games and it won't advance when you click on an option. It just reads error at the bottom.

re:Did you play Alien Planet: Get Me Off This Rock on 9/16/2003 11:27:09 PM
ive played it.

I had the same problem... on 4/24/2003 11:08:49 PM
It took me forever to finish my game because of the error page but I was so close to getting done "The Murdering Midget" that I just kept going. smallfry