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The faery, the toller and the rusty door

You are on a lengthy hiking trip through the Ural mountains, trying to forget your miserable life, when weird things start happening to you.


+++ an evil faery +++ a soul-eating monster +++ a dead realm of existence +++ items +++ mountains +++ a desert +++ a city +++ more +++




My first experiment here on this site, written for the "enjoyment" of friends & family.

A sympathy in choice

You are formally invited into a world of weirdness. 

You will have to face:

+++ a dog +++ a non-existent cat +++ a sripit cnousel +++ eaters of flesh +++ eaters of souls +++ drinkers of blood +++ madness +++ dancing +++ death +++ madness +++ death +++ sanity? +++ OK +++ Summer +++ Winter +++ BLOOD +++ more 

And hopefully fun.


Note that this Storygame does make periodic use of items. If you see an item below the text, click on it to pick it up. Don´t worry though, you hardly every have to actually click on "use" the items

This is basically an unfinished product, as in: not everything I wanted is in it, it is not spell-checked by anyone but myself, and I am publishing it now because it is nominally a school project, and I have a deadline. 

The topic of this project was "Seltsam". "Weird". This Storygame should hopefully reflect that.

After a month, I will take it down and put it through a rigorous spell-check.

And extend it.

I promise.

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Ooookay. Last question here...

How do I find this betareaders on this site? And how does that work here?

New here, with a important question ´bout items on 1/10/2016 1:06:32 PM

Thanks a lot.

Also, is there a possibility of paragraphs until certain conditions are fulfilled?

New here, with a important question ´bout items on 1/10/2016 12:31:03 PM

I need to write a CYOA story for a school-project, so finding this site was pure gold :)

That said, I need to put in items in my story. Now I assumed that items would only be possible in the advanced editor, so I chose that to write my story. But now I don´t find a way to look at my story the way it would be read. Is the preview-thing only a thing in the classic editor or what?

And, if not, is there a way to put in items into the classic editor?

Preliminary thanks, Thembile