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Play as Urga, the founder of the prestigious Church of Desires, an infamous underground religion that specializes in darkness, debauchery, destruction, and most importantly, delivering coinage to Urga (although try not to tell that last bit to the followers, it wasn't in the pamphlet for a good reason).

However, Urga's time of frolicking in the deepest recesses of society is now over, as one of his many, many, oh so many enemies has sent warriors after him,

Urga's no fighter, but to what lengths will he go to survive? Up to you.

CW: Violence of the physical, verbal, and sexual varieties, as well as all the accompanying unpleasantry. Also, demon dick.

Author's Note: There is an optimal ending, however it and all the other endings are unmarked. If you reach a page with only an End Game link, you have "won".

Entry to Endmaster's Manifest Destiny Contest.


In a world where consciousness is stored on a hard drive, the most heinous crime is hacking.

Author's Note: A police officer is supposed to be a righteous dispenser of justice, but in the future, the idea of morality is basically nonexistent. Nonetheless, a lot of choices in this game can be broken down into "things a good, moralistic police officer should do" and "amoral things that get the job done". Going down one path or the other will eventually result in you being locked out of the other entirely, but it will also give you access to new epilogues and options.

Winner of the Cyberpunk Contest.

Installation ??

A Halo fanfiction. Story knowledge is not required, but some basic knowledge of the franchise is ideal.

On a desolate colony near the edge of human space, a Forerunner installation is located. ONI sends an expeditionary force, containing a single Spartan II, to investigate. However, ONI aren't the only ones searching for Forerunner tech.


After the Dark Age of Technology during the 21st and 22nd centuries, humanity decided to reach for the stars. Or at least the megacorps decided to, leaving behind anyone too poor or too stubborn or too old to board the ships headed for Mars and Europa. With that, the Great Expansion started: Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, the Asteroid Belt, all were encompassed by the sovereignty of the newly formed United Human Federation, or UHF. Well... that's what the UHF would have you believe. The truth is a different beast entirely.

After graduating a prestigious engineering college on Mars and patenting a valuable new piece of tech, you were approached by the Black Hoods, a completely untraceable organization that dealt with the salvage of shipwrecks across the solar system. Despite the absurd protocols (all in the name of total secrecy), the mind-boggling pay convinced you to join. What can you discover among the derelict wreckage of humanity?


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