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"And if you want to write some very strange porn involving Steve, go ahead, I'm not gonna judge ... you weirdo." - Mayana

"God dammit, Corgi." - Steve

"The only problem with Corgi's story was the lack of branching for the most part.
Didn't mind it in general"

"You idiot, you moron, you complete imbecile"- Mizal


"The name is not only all lowercase but includes numbers as well. A double whammy of ingenuity among usernames. The entire thing is full of awesome quotes aligned with a cool sidebar, where five years are shown to have gone by with an impressive number of points and posts to show for it. I'm sure the story games show a user with tons of time and dedication to the site.

8/8."-Your number one fan.

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The Last Chieftain

The land of Orcin, a place where all are free to live as they wish as long as they follow the laws of the council.  Years of relative peace had ensued, making sure the orcs would live as strong and as free as they had always been.

The Mannate Empire, destined to consume everything on the horizon, sets its sights on the homeland of the orcs.  Annexing one kingdom, one empire after the next, finally looks to orcin for resources, troops, and land to settle, as they prepare their dreaded march.

Nolazir, a simple orc, who lives off the land as he works his farm, unknowingly would be drawn into events to come.  He would come to shape the world around him, and the future of Orcin.  

Fight for honor, love, peace, and prosperity.  Lead with a cruel fist, or a warm heart.  Challenges and tribulations lay ahead for all. 

Will you save your homeland and return it from the brink?  Will you let the darkness within and without consume you?  What becomes of you and the world, is up to you.

The next edition will come out in a few months, filled with more varied events between time jumps including, politics, monsters, and more!  Also will be adding the rest of the real story and the side branches in as well.

Special Thanks

Where to begin exactly?  I'll start off with thanking Mizal, who helped me with some proof reading and structure at the start, and helping me figure out how to use variables.  Also for always being willing to help with my writing, grammar, and developing characters all these years, and generally being a wonderful presence on this site :)

I would like to thank MoreCowbell for consistently proofreading and giving me feedback on my story throughout this long process.  I appreciate all of your spell checking, helping keep the flow and pace, and general positivity and motivation during this whole project. 

I would like to thank 3iguy for taking an interest in my story and beta reading it for me.  As well as Ebon for his detailed and insightful responses to some of my threads early on.

I'd also like to thank Ogre, IAP for encouraging me and keeping me motivated during the hardest parts of the process (mostly the end point).

Also would like to thank EndMaster for letting me rip off his organization scheme for storygames.

I really couldn't have done this without you guys, and I owe a great part of finally finishing this to all of you and to CYS as a general whole.

I hope you all enjoy!

The Pie

One guy on a quest...for magic crytals!  Unfortunately this is the land of Cystia...and things almost never happen as expected.  

What starts as a normal day turns into a mad quest for revenge, live the life of a dude turned into an evil....killer pie!

Will you find redemption?  Or will you truly be evil? No one cares!  

The Song Binder

For MHD's Fairy Tale Contest

A great evil long thought vanquished stirs again. A great horn calls, and The Wall of Harmony falls. A great council is called where a group of heroes must band together to stop this evil. From the land of the strange Elichen to the Stone Mark, where the dark lord lives, enter the Other World, bind their song, and cast the great evil forever from this world and the next. 



A Dance Under the Moonlight

Under the silvery eye of the moon, a masquerade takes place in shades of deepest twilight. Written for Maras 2022 Halloween Jam



Arren Gul

For End Master's Dark Fantasy Contest

Asylum of Hunters

The hearts of men run cold, the hour of the beast is nigh upon us.

Under starlight, the forsworn prepare for their ancient duty.

For the Pale Flame shimmers low, and the sanctity of the human form is shed.


Attack of the Savoids

Caveman Genocide

My entry for End Master's 2022 Prompt Contest.

You are sent as a warrior of your tribe to exterminate your enemies. Your clans rivals of many generations.

Not to be confused with those weird Homo Sapiens who may or may not have done a similar thing.

No. You are an oonga boonga. Sent to eliminate your rival cavemen with extreme force.

Character and Romance Option Creation Simulator

Entry for End Dawg's Prompt Contest

You are going on the website You find this one among the horde of similar but definitely unique games. This one is the MOST inclusive. Enjoy.


Feel the suns warmth.

Breath that fresh air!

You are happy.

Your life is nice and cozy, it's a dream come true!

One day, you meet your own doppleganger.

What you do from here is up to you.


Dream Walker


In the wild, beastly lands of Velis Brum, many are prey to the whims and cruelty of men and monster alike.

A small village resides in the caves Manchor Vanit, it is here you have been born. Taught to remain close to the caves all of your life, you never caught a glimpse of what was beyond the mountains, and when you did it was often cruel and unsettling.

Your mostly quiet existence would end when Baglich would come to take your homeland, with their scum and barbarian fiends.

Gather family, allies, old foes, and create an empire suitable to standing up to this terror of the land.

Guide Us, Flames

Hunter's Bounty


A dispute, a broken promise.  The envy of one will break a kingdom.  

The half man, half dragon sorcerer Tarragon threatens your king, your home, your very way of life.  

How far will you go to make sure justice is brought to this foul madman?

Chose between to very different characters to embark on this epic quest, slay the dragon, save the princess, and restore honor to your kingdom.

Life as a Piece of Bread


Evil Grannies Galore!


Come, rest your weary feet. 
Sit by the campfire, warm those hands.  You must be tired.  
Oh, you like stories do you?
Hmm, here's a story for you.  One that goes way back, to a time when the night ruled, and the howling of beasts would make any man tremble.  Relax, it's going to be a long one.



An orc named Tumble, young, wild, and free.  

Life is great in a village nestled in between the mountains, the birth place of the great Orc race.  But for the past century a series of brutal crusades have left them divided and broken.

The Mannate Empire threatens to swallow them whole, just as it has done with everyone else in its path.  But then one day an even bigger threat to the land rises out of the fires of fate, undeterred by the ravages of time. 

They call him Scourge.  His forces threaten the very land, and all of life as it stands now.  

Will Tumble play the role fate has dealt him and stop the evil Scourge?

Or will he abandon the world before him and find his own way?

Silent Spire

For End Masters Dark Fantasy Contest.

In the land of Arren Gul, a Spire sits, its true nature hidden from those who would draw its power.

A man in the guise of a restless spirit ventures toward it to bring his enemies to justice.

The Silver Ghost


Yet Another Freaking Wolf Story


An exercise in seeing how fast I can crank one of these out.

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the world feels dead on 11/22/2023 5:58:05 PM

The site is just fine, it's vibing, it's thriving. You just need to stop being so dead inside. Go read Gay and Depressed, it might resonate with you.

Why did I get docked 1,010 points? on 10/28/2023 4:15:04 PM

That's what my mom tells me every day!


Yeah, I imagine she does with all the ai bugs you have

Why did I get docked 1,010 points? on 10/28/2023 4:14:03 PM

I spent 16 hours yesterday reading and rating storygames, I rated hundreds of story games. I played one quest line on each story game, it's not like I skipped without reading them. I worked so hard for those points.


A few hours ago I logged on and saw that I was docked 1010 points with the caption "I will be taking those" and "your story sucked."


I frikin worked so damn hard for that and it all got taken away. And I lost even more points then I had before I starting grinding story games. Someone please help me.

THUNDERDOME on 10/28/2023 1:26:47 PM

There's other people I'd be more interested in dueling than cyclonis of all people. But I'd be down in general


The Sands of Time on 10/26/2023 9:25:31 PM

No I read one of the stories in its entirety and hated it, though I did know pretty quickly that I hated it. Then I read like three to four sentences in story B and already knew i liked it better

The Sands of Time on 10/25/2023 7:52:34 PM

Hi, thanks for taking the time I guess. There really isn't anything too lazily unexplained, aside from the fact I didn't vomit ten thousand words of backdrop lore to go with it all. Some stuff is sort of implied and not explicitly said outright. With that said I'm not all that subtle so if you had half a brain maybe you could piece it together. I don't feel obligated to spell everything out either. 

But essentially the idea was the wizard never actually defeated the dragon. Being the longest living person of a thousand years, it was extremely easy to perpetuate the myth of him having personally defeated the dragon. It was done long ago by some other wizard, but the dragon being powerful, could even essentially overcome death. And for millenia upon millenia has used the hubris of each and every wizard lord against him, absorbing their power.

The idea was essentially that Ovan was absorbing the remnants of the dragons power to excel his own. The idea being that the dragon let him siphon some of its own power so that when he did grow stronger he could just consume it and gain even more power as a return on his investment. Really the dragon has been winning with the "seductive suggestion" of power and hubris of the wizards, turning their own faults against them. 

Unfortunately I've laid it out. But the theme is essentially the fault of hubris and overconfidence. The wizard having inherited the tower, stolen much of the dragons power to accelerate his own, while projecting himself as quite mighty. Which even then he is powerful in his own right but his whole existence and image is a giant sham.

As for the sentence bits and flow, I really don't care. I'm just writing however I feel like writing, and if it's not how you would write a sentence well....big fucking deal. You complain about me having short sentences and longer sentences in the same paragraph, which yeah. That's pretty normal, not everything needs to be strung together with so many commas. I'll write how i want in the wording I want. How can you sit there and try to tell people how to structure their shit. Have you even written anything decent? Who even are you.

The sentence isn't all that garbled if you can follow along, its mostly just the style I chose to use.

I'm aware generally of how punctuation works, but I shat this overall pretty damn good story out in less than an hour. Thanks for the response fag.

The Sands of Time on 10/24/2023 7:03:38 PM

Im dying lmao

Canon this clown ass was the speaker now

The Sands of Time on 10/23/2023 6:29:26 PM

Okay, so I was inspired by the Prompt for the Darkspawn x Wizzy Thunderdome prompt. I of course couldn't enter but this is what I have written. 

The Sands of Time


The dragon stood in testament to the wizards might and power. He who brought the dragon low as in stories and legend. With a boom in his voice and the thundering of firestorms was the dragon turned to bronze ruin. So was the fate of  the dragon Parnaxes, the mighty Prince of Smoke, the lord of reavers, raiders, and shadows and beast, now brought low. The story as he set into stone on the pillars at the base of Mount Thoran so long ago. 


The wizard was born Ovan, on a farm very far away a thousand years ago. Now he stands Idraxis, wizard lord of the realm and savior of the people. From the tower could the wizard stand and peer through time and space, through many miles of verdant countryside and simple folk, towns to the West and port cities to the East. North were the great men of Sleik who gave to him great tribute, and so the rat men called Gnavlers stayed their plunderous hands. South were more and more cities and towers, and on to a world he would only see through the Glass. Which was a creation of magic and even science. 


Idraxis donned over his white tunic, a blue vest, his usual wooden shoes, and a great grey cloak that gradually went the color of dawn with silver metal bits shaped like stars were sewn all over, and they could shine like them too when he wished it. Clasped with the gold grey of a moon pendant.

The wizard donned his hat with feather, his staff as gnarled as his hands were. He passed the apprentices that attended him, Idraxis’ own son Idrior paramount among them, the brightest of them, the shining star that would succeed him when he retired of these affairs. 


“I’m to see the stone of Parnaxes.” The wizard said.


“Shall we attend you, father?”


“No, I must go alone to gaze upon it. When it is your time, so shall you.”


The youth bowed and went back to his duties, if a bit sullenly. Idraxis’ cane tapped against the marble stone as he went. Down and down, and around, and finally, through the steps rounding the tower, the winds whipping and tearing at the wizard. Who feared they even might tear him from this towerside like a flea from a dog, yet the wizard persisted up and up until in his gaze he beheld the Behemoth of Wroth. The great dragon, now dulled with time, when once great was it.


The wizard came up to the landing, and though it was awe to look at, the real power came when he shut his eyes. Yes, Idraxis could feel the swirling of power still reeking from the beast. From time and time before, even before Ovan was born squalling in that barn one storm ridden night. The boy went on to acquire great knowledge and magics, outliving all who had beseeched him to be crazed and more. Time and knowledge was his to control, so Parnaxes had been found, now it lies he was defeated by this great wizard. Known for generations, who could doubt the wizard who showed great works and who built mightily this tower fortress?


Yet only here would Ovan admit it to himself, where in all other places he steeled his mind against some thoughts. The wizards mind was like a great stone vault under the weight of mountains, yet that prying presence he felt here and there. He knew not where it came from, and would not yield his secrets. The nights spent searching for this powerful being were for naught, fretful nights he spent.


The wizard shut his eyes and did as he always did, raising a hand and slowly, slowly, he subsumed the power of the great bronze titan. Little by little, feeling ten years younger he inhaled well the deep power of the ancients, to make his own and to his own will bend it!


Something was different this time, something was very wrong. And fire coursed through blood burdened skies and the wizards mind was smoke and haze. His knees buckled, and he fell, his staff falling as he gasped.


Though the dragon did not move he heard the fell breath. It breathed Foooooool in one fell bellow. Ovan clutched his chest. It could not be! It should not be that Parnaxes speaks!


And slowly, the wizard came to see. Where first he supped for ages and ages upon the remnant dragons strength, it now ebbed from him. The wizard aging many years beyond age he felt, and thought it would be his last breath. When the dragon spoke again the breath nearly toppling Idraxis from the mountainside and perhaps even the very tower from which they stood. 


Cometh Idraxis, Usurper.


The wizard’s gnarled fingers scraped the stone as he hunched, gritting teeth till one cracked and his nails bled so he did try to resist the power of the mighty suggestion, yet he could not. Feeble and frail he found just the strength to stand, taking his staff in hand he lifted it to smite his foe.


But the staff fell to ashes in his grip, and the wizard found himself stepping forward. One patter of sandal on marble stone after another, till he stood at the gaping maw. And for a moment, he could see fire brewing and roiling, a hot breath. 


“By gods.” The wizard murmured. Yet the flames did not consume him no, though they did swirl and bubble and grow ever brighter. 


In that light, he saw fire, and the great beast of unimaginable proportion. Cities turned to ash with a breath, under a sky of red blood and winged beasts, legions of men whose soul they had sold for safety. Unimaginable ruin wrought, yet there was hope. In a mighty band, who laid the dragon low for truth it would have seemed. But it waited….watched….the seduction of its suggestion bringing one tower lord to ruin after another. 


At a pulse of breath Idraxis, nay Ovan laid low stepped within. Down into the toothy maw that saw kingdoms rent and dynasties sundered. As the fire faded, so too did the sunlight at his back, the warmth replaced with an ice cold grip. Where the wizard shrieked and pulled his hair in expectation of a great fall, he instead walked in a cloud of darkness when a voice appeared from in everywhere and nowhere all around.


“Who there goes, who walks with such idle claim?” The voice was from one robed and hooded in mist. Who wear great trinkets, of amulets and rings of color and a clown of glory, though all dulled. A great beard and pale skin, which more or less was the appearance of many of these spectres who came before the wizard, whose name is now “Anon” so speak the spirits. The spirits who were all similar. 


The eyes were haunting, deep pools of dark waters, but in them sparkled the light of stars that bore through the minds of men. Their pale skin near that of porcelain, but the smell. As if a great many slain were come from the depths of the water, rancid, stenching, bloated. The wizards stomach turned. 


The spectre who first spoke raises their hands before the rest of the ghouls could set upon the wizard, slamming the butt of his staff on the ground though invisible, and the rest did likewise. His voice was like a thousand death rattles of tired old men. “Have you an heir?”


The wizard could but nod. And the spectre, nay demon seemed quite satisfied. It was then that the wizard felt as if he was floating, an ice cold numbness crept over him that clouded his eyes and choked his breath. 


“Welcome then brother, and with us sit forevermore.” Then the wizard was drawn deeper in by a great rasping wind. 




Thunderdome 9: Wizzy vs Darkspawn on 10/23/2023 5:25:49 PM


I skimmed through A and hated it. 


Hunger. This word had been swimming around inside the head of the New Tower’s master. Not actual hunger that he could satisfy with bread and cheese, but more of a primal conception of hunger that made him feel as if his blood was boiling and his skull tightening like a vice around his mind. It had started a year ago,

That's all I read of B and I like it more already. B do be my vote. 

Thunderdome 9: stargirl vs Abgeofriends on 10/23/2023 4:51:59 PM


You followed those sparks through a newly discovered path reaching back through the dragon's mouth, until a set of stairs were presented that led down deeper into the dragon.

How many times does this guy have to walk the straight line up the dragons ass and then down the one mouth hole to figure it out?

A resounding vote for A though, even if they got Remus' charateristics wrong.