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Your Life as a Genetic Engineer!

In the near future...
You own your own practice specializing in genetic advising and genetic engineering of embryos. As a genetic adviser, you help couples make big decisions regarding their future children. One day, a couple comes to you seeking help to get rid of a life threatening disease that runs in one of the parent's family trees. How will you help them?

Welcome future scientists to your very own adventure! In this choose your own adventure game, you will be presented with a scenario you may very well encounter in the future, genetic counseling and modification. With this simulator, only you can choose how your future looks like.

This storygame is meant to be used in conjunction with college courses to teach future genetic engineers the importance of ethics and communication. Your work will greatly affect future generations. It is important that you make both smart and ethical decisions so that this future is not harmed nor is the reputation of your field. This storybook is meant to teach students how their future jobs may look like and the types of situations they may encounter in the future. This scenario is meant to help these future scientists understand the importance of every decision they make.